BanManager v3.0


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    Jun 16, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0
  • 1.2.5


Please read known caveats before using this version.


  • Rewrite begun.
  • Fixed SQL error with mute record clean up.
  • Fixed /bmreload.
  • Running a command that is blacklisted whilst muted now sends a message to the player.
  • Added update tool to /bmtools.
  • Removed hard coded 'Console automated', now uses consoleName config setting.
  • Updated API. Some existing method names changed. Added getPastBans, getPastMutes, getPlayerIP, getMessage as well as warnings, kicks and ip ban support.
  • Added cross server banning & muting via /banall, /tempbanall etc. It's not BungeeCord nor LilyPad dependent. There's now an extra optional node in the config called externalDatabase. Simply enable that and set the details for it the same across servers you wish to ban/mute players across. This means that for servers that don't want to sync all their bans across multiple servers can still ban someone across their entire network without having to visit each server individually.
  • Fixed bukkit ban not being removed correctly after unbanning.
  • Added bm.exempt.override.* permissions e.g. bm.exempt.override.ban to allow others to ban/kick/mute/warn others even if exempt.

Web Front End

Update Instructions

  1. Upload all files and override any old ones.
  • Fixed clearCache for APC users.
  • Fixed enter key on search form opening the Player/IP dropdown.
  • Optimised connect function, only connects if the new connection is different to the previous.
  • Fixed past ban search being inverted.
  • Searching sort is now persistent and kept on page reload.
  • IP/Player search now uses AJAX for pagination, sorting & filtering.
  • Fixed typo in updatesettings casing iFrame protection to always be off.
  • Force player heads to a specific width to avoid random page jumping.
  • Player bans, mutes, warnings & kicks cannow be toggled from the admin panel to show or not.
  • Player bans & mutes now have an extra HTML input field within the settings. This allows for custom appealment buttons which persist between updates.
  • Added custom HTML fields to before and after buttons on homepage.

* API changed. May break with other plugins which use the BanManager API.
* Muted players can still talk.
* NPE on disable.