This plugin allows you to play tracks from a huge .mid and .nbs database

BAMradio is a plugin that uses an existing midi sequencer and maps the instruments of Minecraft to tracks in a midi. If there is no midi sampler available it falls back to its built in, which operates on timer tick. You can play all kind of .mid files. While i tried my best, its not possible to perfectly play all midis due Minecrafts restrictions in speed and instruments. If you have installed the NoteblockAPI, you can additionally play .nbs files. BAMradio is also a client for the BAMradio Webservice which offers a huge set of tracks to download.

News & Development

Please create a ticket, if you found any bugs or have ideas for new features and improvements! I am searching for people showcasing my plugin on Youtube so if you like it consider helping me by sharing my work!

How to setup a BAMradio

Just download the plugin and put it into you plugin folder. Then put your midis into the BAMradio folder and play them ingame. You can get a list of possible commands by typing /bamradio ingame.

The BAMradio Webservice

Exclusively for this plugin,we created the BAMradio Webservice which offers over 1400 tracks for you to download & listen! You can also upload new midis and nbs tracks on the webinterface.

Commands & Permissions

/bamradioShows the help
/brAlias to /bamradio
/bamradio infoShows "Now playing"
/bamradio listbamradio.listList all tracks
/bamradio play <name / index>bamradio.playPlay a track
/bamradio randombamradio.playPlay a random track
/bamradio nextbamradio.nextSkip to next track
/bamradio mutebamradio.muteMute BAMradio
/bamradio unmutebamradio.muteUnmute BAMradio
/bamradio search <name>bamradio.searchSearch the BAMradio Webservice
/bamradio get <id>bamradio.getDownload & play a midi from the BAMradio Webservice



If you want to download and play .nbs files which were created with Minecraft Note Block Studio, you also need to install the NoteblockAPI plugin. After you have installed the NoteBlockAPI you can also find .nbs tracks in the webservice.


You can limit BAMradio to a specific location by setting the "location" config value to the name of your location.



Youtube Showcase

Polish plugin demonstration

Thanks to JebananyPL for this video!

German plugin demonstration

Thanks to germanBukkit for this video!


A lot of work and time has gone into developing this plugin. If you'd like to donate, there is a convenient button at the top right corner of this page for that. :) All donations are greatly appreciated and help in future development of BAMradio.


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