This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Bam - Jail people to the nether roof!

What is Bam

Bam is a unique jail plugin for bukkit. Instead of normal Jail plugins, which teleport people to a defined jail building, Bam teleports people to the roof of the nether! Wondering why the nether roof? Because its supposed to be a punishment! The nether roof is the best way to put the griefer to shame. It stops players teleporting out by default, but as the plugin places the player in a definable group (default is "jailed"), you ca customise what they can do :D. Give them a prefix such as "Naughty Person." And Its compatible with ALL major permissions plugins thanks to Vault.

How do I use it?


The configuration line is only one line at the monent. You define the group it places in with the configuration file. Maybe with version 2 I'll add customisable default messages :D

Usage Ingame

  • To "bam" a person to the nether roof, use the command /bam <playername> [optional message]. You need the permission Bam.bam to be able to use this. if you want some person to be immune to /bam, give them the permissions node Bam.exempt
  • Unbamming a person is done using /unbam <playername>. You need the permissions node

Todo list

  • Add more configuration!
  • Set a time to bam players for!
  • Any other suggestions!

Known Bugs

  • Config file does not generate any test in it. - Just create a jailed group in yo nether.


Latest version is v1 is the download :)

Source Code

Feel free to fork me! Github at

The bottom bit

Any suggestions on how I can improve this plugin? Post in the comments! And if you need any help, also feel free to post on the forums section of this :)


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