If you are useing bake for minecraft 1.12 or earlier you must use the Field Strings! So 1.14 and 1.12 is not interchangeable!


 Why Bake?

Did you ever wonder why you had so much wheat? Do you want to encourage large Farms? Do you want to have a server in which players collaborate for their greater good?


Then it may be a plugin for you ( and your server)!


This Plugin offers that people contribute to a big bake project and then, when a certain amount of wheat has been donated, everyone online on the server get some diamonds! Or other cool stuff.




  • bake : Shows how much wheat has been already donated
  • contribute <amount>: Offer some wheat, and contribute to the great bake.

Built for:

      Spigot 1.13 (bukkit should also work; and other mc versions may be also supported; may be different from file to file)

      Java 1.10 (earlier java-versions should still work though)




This plugin has its config file, you can change the plugin's behaviour by changing the values of it.


 Here is a list what most values do:

bake.wheat_Required: the amount of wheat needed until the project is finished
bake.general.slots: The amount of "slots" reserved. It should be identical with the possibilities of items.

bake.general.remember: whether to reward only players that have donated wheat
deleteRemembered: whether to delete the array of donated players after the project was finished
bake.award.maximum: Maximum amount of items that can be rewarded
bake.award.slot.<int>: The type of the item for said slot
bake.chances.slot.<int>: The chance that the item is picked (between 0.0 and 1.0)
bake.amount.slot.<int>: The stacksize of the item that is picked
bake.lore.slot.<int>: The lore of the item that is picked, a line is shown as a "|"<int>: the display name of the item that is picked
bake.enchantment.slot.<int>: the enchantment that is used for the picked item, if any (if you don't want the default values here use xyz, instead, otherwise the default value is used

bake.general.noMeddle: Shouldn't the config parameter values be changed automatically by the plugin? What will be shown when /bake is typed, while What should be displayed to the player that invoked /contribute What should be displayed to the global chat when someone donated What should be displayed globally when the project finishes.



  -%VERSION% is a placeholder that will replace the bake version

  -%INTPROG% the progress that has been done / the amount donated

  -%INTMAX% placeholder replacing the needed wheat

  -%PRECENT% the progress as a percent

  -%NEWLINE% designates a new line

  -%PLAYER% replaces the player of the action


BEWARE: the <int> value replaces a value between 0 and the value written in "bake.general.slots" substracted by one.


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