If you are useing bake for minecraft 1.12 or earlier you must use the Field Strings! So 1.14 and 1.12 is not interchangeable!
You no longer need to worry about that past 1.5.2!


Following 1.5.1, it does some minor metric things, it can be disregarded by the user, but can always be disabled when wanted.

Following 1.5.2, the metric system also allows automatic update notification!


 Why Bake?

Did you ever wonder why you had so much wheat? Do you want to encourage large Farms? Do you want to have a server in which players collaborate for their greater good?


Then it may be a plugin for you ( and your server)!


This Plugin offers that people contribute to a big bake project and then, when a certain amount of wheat has been donated, everyone online on the server get some diamonds! Or other cool stuff.




  • bake : Shows how much wheat has been already donated
  • bakestats: Lke bake, can be manipulated via configs to do anything you want to do
  • contribute <amount>: Offer some wheat, and contribute to the great bake.

Built for:

      Spigot 1.12 (bukkit should also work; and other mc versions may be also supported; may be different from file to file)

      Java 1.8

tested with:


       -1.12.2: succes (enchants were forgotten however)

       -1.15.2: succes

       -1.08.8: failed (won't work)


       -1.12.2: succes

       -1.11.2: succes

       -1.08.8: succes


       -1.12.2: succes




This plugin has its config file, you can change the plugin's behaviour by changing the values of it.


Example configuration:



    #version of the configuration, leave it be
    configVersion: 4
    #amounts of 'slots' used, the more, the more items you can award, but there might be lag.
    slots: 5
    #should only contributors be awarded. (non-contributors will not recieve anything)
    remember: true
    #should the contributors list be removed when the project is finished (it will not be saved anywhere, so when the server restarts, it is gone either way)
    deleteRemembered: true
    #should nothing be overridden (except*)
    noMeddle: false
    #leave it be, setting it to false will break almost everything
    cnfgStore: true
    #should a broadcast be done when the day's record is broken?
    doRecordSurpassBroadcast: true
  #amount of required wheat
  wheat_Required: 1000
    #set this to false if you don't want bake to contact
    opt-out: false
  award:<br />    #how much money should be rewarded to each player? (*requires* vault!)<br />    money: 100 
    #maximum amount of things that can be rewarded, so if it is set to 1 only 1 itemstack will be given out, however it can also award less.
    maximum: 3
    #the slot talked before will come handy here, please mind that it starts with 0 and ends with n - 1
      '0': DIAMOND
      '1': CAKE
      '2': NETHER_STAR
      '3': GOLD_INGOT
      '4': COAL
      '0': 0.5
      '1': 1
      '2': 0.05
      '3': 0.1
      '4': 0.8
      '0': 2
      '1': 1
      '2': 1
      '3': 3
      '4': 16
      '0': &sect;dThank you for participating!
      '1': &sect;dThank you for participating! | Here! Have a cake!
      '2': &sect;dThank you for participating!
      '3': &sect;dThank you for participating!
      '4': &sect;dThank you for participating!
      '0': &sect;9A DIAMOND
      '1': &sect;cYUMMY!
      '2': &sect;eShiny!
    #!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!! THESE VALUES WON'T WORK PER DEFAULT ON 1.12 AND EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may get changed with 1.6. but it may as well not change
      '0': UNBREAKING@5
    recordSurpassBroadcast: &sect;6The previous record of %RECORD% on the %RECORDDATE%
      was broken by the new record of %TODAY%!
    progress2: "Do anything you want here, the plugin doesn't handle anthing in here though"
    bakestats: "Like bake but more"
    contr2: '%INTPROG% was added to the project! Thanks!'
      contr2: &sect;6%PLAYER% has contributed %INTPROG% to the bake projects! We are now
        a bit closer to the rewards!
    finish2: &sect;l&sect;bThe bake project is finished! Everyone gets the rewards!
  #don't mess with these values, well you can but it doesn't give you much
    times: 0
    last: '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'
    recordtime: '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'
    record: 0
    today: 0
    participants: 0
    participantsToday: 0




 Here is a list what most values do:

bake.wheat_Required: the amount of wheat needed until the project is finished
bake.general.slots: The amount of "slots" reserved. It should be identical with the possibilities of items.

bake.general.remember: whether to reward only players that have donated wheat

bake.general.doEnchantConvert: should annoyance with enchantments be gone (can break custom enchants if they are named poorly)?
bake.general.deleteRemembered: whether to delete the array of donated players after the project was finished Vault money to be awarded (requires vault in order to function)
bake.award.maximum: Maximum amount of items that can be rewarded
bake.award.slot.<int>: The type of the item for said slot
bake.chances.slot.<int>: The chance that the item is picked (between 0.0 and 1.0)
bake.amount.slot.<int>: The stacksize of the item that is picked
bake.lore.slot.<int>: The lore of the item that is picked, a line is shown as a "|"<int>: the display name of the item that is picked
bake.enchantment.slot.<int>: the enchantment that is used for the picked item, if any (if you don't want the default values here use xyz, instead, otherwise the default value is used

bake.general.noMeddle: Shouldn't the config parameter values be changed automatically by the plugin? What will be shown when /bake is typed, while What should be displayed to the player that invoked /contribute What should be displayed to the global chat when someone donated What should be displayed globally when the project finishes.



  -%VERSION% is a placeholder that will replace the bake version

  -%INTPROG% the progress that has been done / the amount donated

  -%INTMAX% placeholder replacing the needed wheat

  -%PRECENT% the progress as a percent

  -%NEWLINE% designates a new line  does not exist after 1.4.1, in Versions 1.5.0 and later it is recommended to use \n instead.

  -%PLAYER% replaces the player of the action

  -%LEFT% how much wheat is required to finish the project. (not tested)

 -%TIMES%, which replaces the amount of times the project has been completed, stored in the config.

 -%TODAY%, which replaces how many projects were completed today.

-%RECORD%, which replaces how many projects were completed on the day where the most projects were completed.

-%PARTICIPANTS%, which replaces how many participants have participated in the ongoing project.

-%LAST%, which replaces the time and date when the last project got finished.

-%RECORDDATE%, which replaces the date where the most records were done. (before 1.5.2, it would show the date of the next bake project of the day after when the record was broken, now it will show the date a day before the next bake project after the day when the record was broken)


BEWARE: the <int> value replaces a value between 0 and the value written in "bake.general.slots" substracted by one.


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