BadWords v1.52


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    Jun 23, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


1.52 -
- Hopefully fixed async kicking bug (Tickets 31, 33 & 34)
- Added UUID support (when you first start this version it will migrate your config file to using UUIDs instead of usernames)
- Added "reload" command to reload BadWords config
- Added "ignore.op" config option which makes BadWords ignore swearing by ops
- Added ability to tell BadWords to ignore swearing by nominated players
- Added optional auto-update of plugin
- Added "update" command to update plugin (if available)
- Added "banreason" config option

1.41 -
- Fixed bug in warning timestamps

1.4 release -
- Added functionality that unbans a player when their warnings are reset
- Fixed bug that broke update checking enabling/disabling
- Fixed bug in "warnings" that would give remaining warnings for non-existant players
- Fixed bug preventing commands from being issued on the console

1.31 release -
- Added the ability to reset a user's warnings
- Added the ability to enable / disable checking for updates to BadWords
- Added the ability for the admin to specify a period of time after which a player's warnings will expire
- Removed the "Action.kick" config option, setting "Action.ban" to false achieves the same thing

1.25 release -
- Fixed bug affecting servers running v1.32+

1.24 release -
- Fixed bug causing players to be warned of remaining warnings, when warnings -1 was set in config
1.23 release -
- Fixed bug causing sporadic exception when adding or delete word from banned list in game
1.22 release -
- Changed command from /bw to /badw to avoid collisions with other plugins (e.g. ButtonWarp)
- Added ability to substitute banned words in chat message
1.21 release -
- Updated for new event system
New to 1.2 - Various admin commands now available in game
New to 1.2 - Log censored messages
New to 1.2 - Server logs and Ops are now notified when an update to BadWords is available
New to 1.2 - Permission support