This plugin requires Spigot or PaperSpigot on versions 1.14+
Add customized backpacks to MineCraft!
Custom Textures (with PlayerHeads) and full customization available.
Item Based, just right click to use. (No ugly command backpacks)
- Customizable size, title, name, crafting recipe, and permission.
- Customizable textures, please see
- As many as you would like (3 pre configured)
- PersistentData storage (No database needed)
- Renamable (Anvil renaming won't break the backpack)
- Configurable Whitelist/Blacklist per backpack 
- Allow access to enderchests
Custom Crafting
Advanced Recipe List
  • Set Language in your config.yml to your language code.
  • English (en), Spanish (es), Chinese (zh), German (de), Turkish (tr), Portuguese (pt-br)
  • Run /bpp reload or restart the server
Currently Known Bugs:
  • Custom Texture Backpack wearable as helmet. This does not break the backpack in anyway, just allows the player to wear it on their head.
For any bugs, suggestions, or other support please join my discord here.

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