Backpack Plus

Backpack Plus is a plugin for Minecraft servers that adds three new types of backpacks to the game: Basic, Golden, and Diamond. These backpacks offer players additional storage space for items, making it easier to manage their inventory and providing more freedom to explore the Minecraft world.


  • Addition of three new backpack types with different capacities:
  • Basic (9 slots), Golden (27 slots), and Diamond (54 slots)
  • Ability to craft backpacks in crafting
  • Ability to change crafting in the configuration file or gui
  • Possibility to add new backpacks
  • Ability to change the model as well as the texture of the backpacks
  • possibility to change crafting with the command /backpack crafting
  • Unique textures for each backpack type
  • You can set as many slots as you like

Backpacks allow players to store more items than regular gear, so players can carry more gear and deal with adversity more easily in the Minecraft world. In addition, each type of backpack has a unique texture, making it easy to distinguish between them.


  • /backpack crafting - Opens GUI with crafting backpacks.
  • /backpack resourcepack - Reloads resourcepack for the player.
  • /backpack backpacks <online player | player uuid> - Displays all backpacks created by a given player.
  • /backpack players - Displays all players who have created backpacks.
  • /backpack give <tier> [<player>] - Adds backpack to player.


  • backpackplus.admin.crafting - /backpack crafting
  • backpackplus.command.use - /backpack
  • backpackplus.command.resourcepack - /backpack resourcepack
  • backpackplus.admin.view.backpacks - /backpack players/backpacks
  • backpackplus.admin.give.backpacks - /backpack give

    Discord: Link

Version Beta 0.0.4:


Version 0.0.2:


Version 0.0.1:







You can donate by using HERE. Any donation is appreciated. :D


Known Bugs

No known bugs. Please report them if you find any. Thanks!

Discord: Link



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