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Hello there! Do you hate it when you're exploring your minecraft world and you find some shiny diamonds but your inventory is full? Well then this plugin is something for you! This plugin aims to be the best inventory-expander in the bukkit plugin world. While it is very advanced it's still easy to use and easy configurable. You can add as much backpack types as you want. If you have any question or suggestions, don't hesitate to pm me! (Asking things in a comment will not get support!)

How to use BackPacks?

Using the plugin is fairly easy. The default backpack recipe is a chest surounded by leather and the default size is 27. Since version 1.6 you can also open a backpack by right clicking in the air! When crafting a backpack you will notice it's name and the lore, the lore is a purple integer '0', now when first right clicking your backpack you will register it. A message will popup: You registered <backpack> : <id>. You will also notice the name of the backpack changed to: <yourname>'s <backpackname>, and the lore is changed to a purple integer which represents the id, your name and the backpack type (this may look ugly but it makes the plugin way faster and less buggy).

You will also notice the item has an enchantment glow, now we did this to detect wether an item is a backpack or not, since it's a custom enchantment don't place your backpack in an anvil because that will crash your client. You are also not able to put your backpack in your backpack, to prevent backception.

The default crafting recipe:


When registering your backpack, the output will be:


And when hovering over your backpack:


(I know it looks ugly but I'm currently searching a way to hide the lore)

A showcase of the plugin made by gyro89 (Many thanks to him!)

And another showcase by BukkitHelper (Thank you!)

Tutorial in Spanish Thanks to: geniusmarc1999

To do

I'm currently adding some fancy stuff like economy support, so players are able to buy backpacks and maybe language support. And who knows, maybe one day I'll add physics so players get tired when carrying around their heavy backpacks.


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