AutoTool - The smart, convenient tool switcher.

Version: v1.5

AutoTool was developed when I became tired of constantly switching between shovels and pickaxes while mining. With this plugin, simply type /autotool or /at followed by on or off to toggle. A config file is provided that lets you specify which types of items you want to set to shovels, pickaxes, or axes- the file comes default with the basic items like ores, stones, logs, sand, and the like. If a player has AutoTool on and hits a log, for example, while holding a pickaxe in their hand, AutoTool will search their inventory for an axe. If it finds one, it immediately swaps the positions of the pickaxe and axe so the player can chop some wood without having to rearrange their items. This will hopefully be a huge headache-saver for some people, namely our Yogscast adventuring duo *cough cough*.


  • for the future include AutoSword when damaged by a monster or other player
  • AutoFood when your health runs low.


  • 'auto.tool' - Use anything in the plugin



  • Config file lets you manually specify which items are assigned to what tools. Never waste time searching your inventory for pickaxes, shovels, and axes! Toggle on and off with simple commands- /at, /at on, /at off Automatically pulls up the next tool in your inventory if the one you're using breaks


Original author: marinating

Permissions to update. Read here!

  • If you want I'll take over the plugin.
  • Sure thing. You already have a working version?



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