Server console freezes on ASW autorestart #84

  • MithrandirMage created this issue Jul 15, 2017

    Spigot: 1.12
    ASW: 4

    ould you please fix this issue? It's still happening on my new Ubuntu server. It's really annoying and it's been happening for years, it completely disables my use of the console. I'm actually surprised no one else reports this.
    Tmux stops interpreting that there is a server running on it's specific window, and commands cannot be executed from console because it freezes.
    This happens every time there is a non manual automatic server restart by ASW.

    To sum this up. The issue is simple: The server restarts automatically with ASW, and the console freezes.

  • MithrandirMage edited description Jul 15, 2017
  • shevchikden posted a comment Aug 23, 2017

    Old server process shuts down, so it's no longer attached to old console. I never used tmux myself, but when working with screen you have to reconnect to new screen session.

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