specify run time? #82

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  • _ForgeUser26444215 created this issue Apr 29, 2017

    My main issue is that you can determine how often the back ups run (every so many seconds) but not when they run.  I would like to specify the time that my backup runs so it can run when there are the least number of players online (like 2am). Currently it seems to run in the afternoon when there are the most number of players and it causes a considerable amount of lag. Is there anyway to make it run when i would like it to run? 

    Thanks for your consideration! 

  • _ForgeUser26444215 added a tag Enhancment Apr 29, 2017
  • shevchikden posted a comment May 2, 2017

    Schedule the /asw backup command using AutoConsoleCommand. Separate scheduling of every feature if planned for the AutoSaveWorld 5.0 release.

    Edited May 2, 2017

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