Positioning rollback during autorestart #63

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Assigned to shevchikden
  • MithrandirMage created this issue Dec 8, 2015

    Players are being rolled back to previous positions where they wheren't before the server restarted through ASW.

    Nothing else rolls back, just their positions.

    I am now trying this:

      - save-all

    In order to get the positions, and anything else that may be being rolled back saved before the automatic restarts.

    Spigot version: 1.8.8
    Auto Save World version: 4.14.12

  • MithrandirMage added the tags New Defect Dec 8, 2015
  • shevchikden posted a comment Dec 8, 2015

    AutoSaveWorld saves everything before server disable anyway.

    You just probably have some plugin that handles player last positions separately and does it wrong (on player quit only).

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  • MithrandirMage posted a comment Dec 9, 2015

    @Shevchikden: Go

    Ok, it could be Authme. Thank you for the hint :)

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