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  • MithrandirMage created this issue Aug 14, 2015

    Currently there are two automatic console comand executing modes #1 & #2 which correspond to Time and Interval modes.
    I would like to suggest 3 more modes, which would add great flexibility to this section and greatly expand the possibilities, making AutoSaveWorld the best scheduler plugin in existence.

    #Date+time mode: Sets command/s to be executed on a specific date and time.
    #Timing format: 'DAY:MONTH:YEAR:HOUR:MINUTE'

        enabled: true
          - say Today's special spleef event will start in 10 minutes!
          - say The spleef event has started!
          - fill 184 75 32 167 75 60 snow
          - give Joe diamondshovel 1
          - give Mike diamondshovel 1
          - say Time to get up and go to work!

    #Day of theweek plus time mode: Sets command/s to be executed on a specific day/s of the week, for example on saturday midnight.
    #Timing format: 'WEEKDAY:HOUR:MINUTE'

        enabled: true
          - mm spawners activate enderdragon  #(This is a MythicMobs Command, just imagine what other plugin commands could be executed.)
          - say The enderdragon has spawned! Fight for the xp & egg!
          - say Time to randomly shut down the server!
          - stop
          - mm spawners activate mondayghost
          - say The monday ghost has spawned!

    #Month/s, day of themonth and time mode: Sets command/s to be executed on specific months, day/s of the month, and time.
    #Timing format: 'MONTH/S:MONTHDAY:HOUR:MINUTE'
    #MONTH/S could be specified like this: 1 (January), 1-4 (From January to April) 1-12 (All months of the year)
    #If the 'MONTHDAY' Is 29, 30 or 31, and the Month does not have such a high day number the command simply will not execute.

        enabled: true
          - say Happy new year everyone!
          - say The gatekeeper that opens the tower of mobs has appeared!
          - mm spawners activate gatekeeper
          - say The gatekeeper that opens the tower of mobs has appeared! #(Poor february doesn't have 30 days :c)
          - mm spawners activate gatekeeper

    If you don't already find my new sugested modes too much outside of the scope of your plugin (I dont), maybe you could also include years to this last mode (Allthough I definetly don't find that necesary, I do find all the suggestions I've made extremely usefull.)

    You may also want to add 'SECONDS' as one last Time format value to each time format, allthough I do not find this necesary to be honest.

    Also, I don't know if this is currently possible but you could consider making multiple Time Formats "programmable" together, so that the same task in any mode executes at all multiple specified times. Example:

        enabled: true
          - asw regenworld Survival
          - asw regenworld Factions

    Thanks to this feature, the previously shown scheduled tasks would regenerate Survival and Factions worlds every three months.
    This multiple timing format may not be adequate as it contains too many quotes (') so maybe it would be prefereble to actually define the timings in a list fashion, contained between [] so that the plugin can actually understand each scheduled task individually, and not think that a timing has no commands after it (Of course, just like all the rest, this is just a suggestion.):

        enabled: true
        monthsdaysandtimes: [
          - asw regenworld Survival
          - asw regenworld Factions

    I'm hoping you consider my suggestions, as they would greately enhance your plugin's scheduled console command utilities. I would personally find it extremely usefull for future commands I keep forgetting to execute or planned events envolving commands, which could now execute on their own thanks to the new modes :)

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  • shevchikden posted a comment Aug 18, 2015

    Should probably just rework timemode to accept any time argument types.

  • MithrandirMage posted a comment Aug 18, 2015

    @Shevchikden: Go

    Sure, I may have overcomplicated myself :) I'm hoping you consider more options though.

  • MithrandirMage posted a comment Oct 27, 2015

    Hi :)

    I'm just wondering If you still have this suggestion in mind, and If you will eventually be having any spare time to develop it.

    I still await this remade and enhanced feature eagerly :P

  • shevchikden posted a comment Dec 23, 2016

    Unfortunately this feature won't be added on next release. But it is planned for ASW 5.0 (ASW 5.0 config won't be compatible with 4.* branch so i will be able to do a proper configuration).

    Edited Dec 23, 2016

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