Version 3.2:

  • Added: When using the hasItem requirement, you can now use a display name. (Look at the wiki for more information)
  • Added: You can now change the way /ar check looks!
  • Changed: The playerdata.yml is now periodically saved, which should lower the constraints on the server.
  • Fixed: When checking the AdvancedConfig.yml for any errors, Autorank would always tell it was correct, even though it sometimes wasn't.
  • Added: Autorank will now track progress of the completed ranks. If a player completed the previous rank, it cannot complete this rank again.
  • Changed: Small internal rewrite for MySQL handling.
  • Changed: Autorank won't automatically convert files anymore. You'll need to run /ar convert to convert a file.
  • Added: Added new aliases /ar fcheck for /ar forcecheck and /ar arch for /ar archive
  • Fixed: Autorank would error when no target was specified for /ar add, remove or set.
  • Updated: EssentialsGroupManager to 2.1.11, Factions to 2.4.0, MCore to 7.2.1, Vault to 1.4.1, mcMMO to 1.5.00 and OnTime to 3.13.3
  • Changed: Requirement and Result class are a lot more easy for developers to extend now! Yeah!
  • Added: New option to enable help pages per permission. When a player does /ar help, it will only show the commands available to that player.
  • Fixed: Autorank would still spam dependency messages even though you told him to shut up.
  • Added: New requirements! Times sheared, items crafted and fish caught!
  • Added: New result! Firework result will launch firework at a specific location.
  • Changed: data.yml is now saved every minute instead of every 30 seconds.
  • Added: New debug option. Should only be used when you want to debug Autorank.
  • Fixed: Autorank was not using the plugin that you specified in the 'use time of' option.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard was not updating correctly!

Version 3.1.1:

  • Fixed: Problems when converting big data.yml files to new UUID format.
  • Added: Autorank now gives an estimate on how long it will take to convert all player names.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard messages would be incorrect or did not match the correct player names.
  • Fixed: 'Double dot problem' with the block requirement.
  • Added: Autorank now has a special SettingsConfig.yml that will have all the options that the old AdvancedConfig had. You can copy the old options to your new SettingsConfig as the old AdvancedConfig is now solely used for ranking.
  • Added: A player will now be checked when he/she logs in.
  • Updated: Autorank now supports the new Stats version. (2.0.0)

Version 3.1:

  • Fixed: Problems when converting player names to uuids.
  • Fixed: When a player tried to do /ar set, add or remove Autorank would spit out errors.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard would fail to initialise
  • Fixed: When a player specified an invalid player, Autorank would give errors.
  • Changed: When reloading your server (you should never do this, really), Autorank will correctly shut down and release memory.

Version 3.0: You need to delete your MySQL database and let it regenerate because the old format doesn't allow for UUIDs
It is advised to let Autorank regenerate all your config files because new config options aren't automatically added
This version of Autorank only works with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 and above

  • Changed: Internal rewrite of code that automatically checked when a player should be ranked.
  • Fixed: AFK integration wasn't working correctly.
  • Added: RoyalCommands AFK integration.
  • Added: You are now able to choose what timing plugin is used by Autorank. Right now, you have 3 options: Autorank, OnTime or Stats.
  • Fixed: McMMO sometimes returned incorrect skill level when not correctly hooked by Autorank.
  • Fixed: Stats was not hooked correctly sometimes. Issues with Stats should be fixed now.
  • Fixed: When using the hasItem requirement, blocks and items with metadata would not be correctly initialised, which caused problems when players tried to complete the result. Items like potions or blocks like different colours of wool are now properly found.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Autorank would throw errors when trying to setup MySQL even though it wasn't supposed to start.
  • Added: New option to disable advanced dependency output showing in the console at startup.
  • Fixed: Error with finding RoyalCommands dependency.
  • Changed: When Autorank couldn't find Vault at startup, it will disable itself to ensure no problems start occuring randomly.
  • Added: Autorank now uses UUIDs instead of player names because Mojang will soon allow players to change their names. All files will be converted.
  • Added: The /ar set, add and remove commands can now also take days or seconds as argument instead of only minutes.
  • Fixed: McMMO level requirement would need one level above the real level to be completed.
  • Added: A few new messages for commands.
  • Added: Autorank will now try to auto complete commands when possible. Just hit tab to try!
  • Changed: API of Autorank now uses UUIDs instead of player names. Developers should update!
  • Fixed: Leaderboard is now initialised on a different thread so the restrain on the server should be less.
  • Fixed: Before, Autorank would not respect the option to disable partial completion.
  • Fixed: Autorank didn't allow custom requirements and results to be loaded.
  • Added: New Permissions requirement. You can check whether a player has a certain permission.
  • Added: When potions were used with the hasItem requirement, it would not show what kind of potion. Autorank now shows what metadata is present for the item or block.
  • Added: You can now customise the layout of the /ar check command.

Version 2.9.1 Beta:

  • Fixed: Error when mcMMO was not found.

Version 2.9 Beta:

  • Added: New API methods for developers to register custom requirements or results.
  • Added: New Addon manager for Autorank. Autorank will allow addons to connect to it in the near future!
  • Changed: Debug file now shows loaded addons.
  • Fixed: Some stats requirements were giving errors when no world was specified.
  • Fixed: When Vault was not found, it would show a wrong error message.
  • Fixed: /ar syncstats didn't update all players in the data.yml
  • Fixed: Possible error when Stats was not found and Autorank tried to hook into it.
  • Added: New move requirements. Autorank can now check distance travelled by foot, boat, horse, piggy or minecart.
  • Removed: Annoying debug messages.
  • Added: WorldGuard regions can now be requirements. Autorank can now check if a player is in a certain WorldGuard region.
  • Changed: Autorank is loading its dependecies much nicer now.
  • Added: Autorank is a Maven project now and has a Jenkins build server:
  • Added: New CheckCommandEvent. This event will fire when a player uses /ar check. Handy for developers!
  • Added: mcMMO compatibility. Autorank can now check the level of a certain skill of mcMMO as a requirement. For more info, see the wiki.
  • Changed: Stats warning messages. Previously, Autorank would fail to hook Stats and throw a very vague message in the console. Autorank has learned some English and can now put actual useful information about the 'hook-status'.
  • Updated: Factions dependency to 2.3.0
  • Updated: Mcore dependency to 7.0.2
  • Updated: WorldEdit dependency to 5.6
  • Updated: WorldGuard dependency to 5.9
  • Updated: Vault dependency to 1.2.31

Version 2.8 Beta:

  • Added: Autorank tells you when you need the Stats plugin now.
  • Changed: Clean up the code for handling commands. (You won't see a difference from the outside)
  • Fixed: Removed old debug messages when using Vault.
  • Fixed: The 'has item' requirement was acting strange. It is hopefully fixed now.
  • Fixed: Some Stats requirements were giving errors.
  • Changed: You can change the autorank command more easily now.
  • Changed: Autorank is now ready for accepting other Stats plugins. (No support for others yet, but I built an interface to allow other plugins to connect)
  • Fixed: Error when using Faction power requirement when Factions was not installed.
  • Added: New methods for Autorank's API. (Developers can get the current rank and next rankup for a player)
  • Changed: Updated Javadocs.
  • Fixed: Show gamemode number instead of name on progress bar.
  • Fixed: Correctly show amount of an item you have for 'has item' requirement.
  • Fixed: Location requirement now shows how far away you are from the target (on progress bar)
  • Added: Global time requirement (check the wiki for more information)
  • Added: Total time requirement (check the wiki for more information)
  • Changed: MySQL is not that heavy loaded as before any more. (It's using cached values now)
  • Fixed: /ar gcheck <player> command was not working properly
  • Changed: Updated Essentials GroupManager dependency.

Version 2.7.2 Beta:

  • Changed: Automatic updater got an overhaul. It looks fancy now.
  • Fixed: Missing spaces in /ar help 3
  • Added: More in-depth javadocs for developers.
  • Added: New API methods for developers to use.
  • Added: A warning manager. Whenever Autorank finds an error, it will log the error and report it to you as soon as you join the server. You don't have to look in the server.log anymore to find what is wrong with Autorank. Some of the admins had a hard time accessing their FTP and thus cannot find the problems. That's why we implemented this new feature.
  • Added: Permission: autorank.warning.notice. Allows players to see the messages from the warning manager.
  • Fixed: Missing 'minutes' text in the time progress bar.
  • Added: /ar forcecheck <player>. When this command is ran, Autorank will check the given player immediately. (Permission: autorank.forcecheck)
  • Added: /ar syncstats. This will synchronise the time of Autorank to the time of Stats. (The time of Stats is more accurate) (Permission: autorank.syncstats)
  • Added: Autorank will now warn you when use Stats-enabled requirement but don't have Stats installed.
  • Changed: A few messages were too vague. Those are more detailed now.
  • Fixed: Only 2 decimals are shown when Autorank shows faction power instead of 10
  • Fixed: Player that was not in a faction would automatically have enough faction power
  • Added: Make sure Autorank is hooking into the correct Factions plugin. (Not the FactionsPlus plugin)
  • Added: New RequirementCompleteEvent for developers. (You can read more on the wiki)
  • Added: Internal JavaDocs.
  • Fixed: Problems with config loading after MySQL connection was made.
  • Fixed: Missing 'minutes' text in the time progress bar.
  • Fixed: Support for Factions 2.2.2 & MCore 6.9.1
  • Fixed: Support for Stats 1.37
  • Fixed: Simple Config was giving errors when there were none.

Version 2.7.1 Beta:

  • Fixed: A critical bug where you could not have multiple requirements of the same requirement.

Version 2.7 Beta:

  • Added: Extra API methods. You can now grab the API class without casting it. (More info on the wiki)
  • Fixed: Money requirement is now properly shown.
  • Updated: New JavaDocs.
  • Fixed: Language option is obsolete now. Removed.
  • Added: Warning message when someone tries to perform a command of Autorank but it is disabled.
  • Updated: Essentials dependency updated.
  • Added: 'Days, day, minutes, minute, second, seconds' are now translatable.
  • Updated: Almost every text can be translated now!
  • Added: Improved debugger. /ar debug will grab special information about the plugin and the server it is running on.
  • Fixed: Long standing bug with SimpleConfig.yml not using 'after' keyword.
  • Added: If a player wants to change its own time, it will need autorank.set.self. For changing time of another player, he needs autorank.set.other
  • Updated: Small optimisation for code.
  • Added: Extra safe check to make sure your config is correctly setup.
  • Added: You can now set the interval time Autorank checks players times on.
  • Added: 'damage taken' requirement. A player needs to take at least x amount of damage.
  • Updated: Vault dependency.
  • Added: Ranks do not require rank changes anymore.
  • Added: 'mobs killed' requirement. You can specify the amount of a certain mob or just an amount.
  • Added: 'location' requirement. You can specify a location and a range that a player can be in.
  • Fixed: Bug where players were not checked in 5 minutes.
  • Added: /ar syncstats. It will grab the time from the Stats plugin and set Autorank's time according to it.
  • Added: 'faction power' requirement. A player's faction needs to have x amount of power.
  • Added: /ar forcecheck <player>. When run for a player, it will check if a new rank up for a player is available but won't tell the target the outcome. It is as if the player was using /ar check but without the text.
  • Added: autorank.forcecheck & autorank.syncstats permissions.
  • Added: 'players killed' requirement. A player needs to kill x amount of players.
  • Updated: Support for Minecraft 1.6.4

Version 2.6 Beta:

  • Added: API. Developers can now hook into Autorank to get information about players.
  • Added: Auto updater. Autorank can now warn you when a new version is available.
  • Added: New options for auto updater in advanced config. Check the config here.
  • Added: Admins will be informed when a new version is available.
  • Updated: Changed description of Autorank as it can rank players on a lot of variables. (Not only time anymore)
  • Updated: Removed annoying debug messages.
  • Added: Optional requirements. Requirements can now be optional and thus don't have to be completed to rank up.
  • Added: Requirements can have their own results now. When a requirement is met, results of that requirement can be ran. (Tutorial about it soon)
  • Updated: Decrease check time. Autorank will now only check once per minute for rank changes instead of 5 times per minute. (Decreases server-load)
  • Added: A LOT of new config options. (Tutorial soon). Compatibility with older configs remains
  • Added: /ar complete # command. This allows players to complete requirements before hand. They don't have to have all requirements at the same time.
  • Added: New config option 'use-partial-completion'. If this is true, players will be able to do /ar complete. By default false.
  • Updated: blocks broken/placed requirement can now have a block option. You can specify what block needs to be broken.
  • Added: Requirements now show progress on /ar complete.
  • Added: /ar sync. When performed, Autorank will sync the MySQL database with the local database. Use this only once per server.
  • Added: MySQL methods are now thread-safe, thus lowering load on your server.
  • Added: Auto-complete option for requirements. If true, requirement will be auto completed when a player meets the requirement.
  • Update: Language system has completed changed. You can now customise the messages yourself via the lang.yml. Hooray!
  • Update: Money requirements show currency name.
  • Fixed: /ar check works correctly with autorank.exclude and wildcard permissions
  • Update: Language start up message has been changed

Version 2.5 Beta:

  • Updated: Cross-compatibility with older CraftBukkit versions
  • Added: MySQL database will now synchronise automatically. (The 'method' option in the config is obsolete now)
  • Added: New command: /ar gcheck. This will show the sum of all playtimes on all servers shared with the same MySQL database. If you have multiple servers that connect to the same database, you can do /ar gcheck to see how much time you played in total. For example: When you play 10 minutes on server A and 15 minutes on server B, /ar gcheck will show 25 minutes.

Version 2.4.3 Beta:

  • Updated: Working with CraftBukkit 1.6.2-R0.1 (Build #02815)
  • Added: MySQL reading database. You can have 2 options. Only save to database or only read from database.
  • Fixed: Support for PermissionsBukkit. Autorank now properly gets the rank of a player for PermissionsBukkit
  • Updated: Messages updated.
  • Fixed: Now really fixed problem with autorank.exclude. Sorry for the fake fix :( (I thought it was working)

Version 2.4.2 Beta:

  • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R1.1 (Build #02790)
  • Added: /ar archive <minimum>. This will remove all players from the data config that are below a certain threshold. This is useful when you have a lot of old data/players.
  • Added: Permission: autorank.archive.
  • Fixed: MySQL NullPointer exception when trying to connect to MySQL database.
  • Fixed: Players with autorank.exclude would still be able to rank up.

Version 2.4.1 Beta:

  • Added new translation messages.
  • Fixed bPermissions not getting recognised correctly.
  • Added extra warning for bPermissions users.
  • Code improvement.

Version 2.4 Beta:

  • Finally fixed Group Manager bug where players wouldn't get ranked up even though they should. (Sorry all GM users for the delay)
  • Added new requirements:
    • blocks placed (use 'block placed')
    • blocks broken (use 'block broken')
    • times voted (Votifier) (use 'votes')
  • Added per group rank up for Group Manager. You can now specify a world and it will only rank the player on that world.
  • Added MySQL support!
  • Added new debug messages for MySQL
  • If a player is jailed (with Essentials) Autorank will not count the player's playtime. The player will get counted again after it is unjailed.
  • Changed promote message to be more clear.

Version 2.3.1 Beta:

  • Fixed money requirement. It now works correctly.
  • Removed some code that caused a lot of issues. This was added to support bPermissions but it broke other permission plugins. It is removed while support for bPermissions still remained.
  • Output message now specificies worlds.

Version 2.3 Beta:

  • Added a tp result. You can now let Autorank teleport a player somewhere after (s)he ranked x;y;z;world;yaw;pitch (tp: 0;0;0;world_nether;1.0;2.0)
  • Leaderboard has now been fixed. It updates every 10 minutes.
  • Updated language files
  • Fixed messy permission system. This is an internal change and you as an admin won't notice any difference (hopefully).
  • SimpleConfig will now also be checked for correct permission groups. If a permission group IS specified in the config but not in the permission plugin, Autorank will warn you.
  • Worked some more on MySQL.
  • Problems with permission plugins that don't support a global permission system (such as bPermissions) are now fixed.

Version 2.2 Beta:

  • - Whitespaces are now allowed for commands. You can now do: command: 'say &p just got a promotion; broadcast &p has just been promoted to Member!'
  • - Whitespaces are also allowed at rank changing. Instead of 'rank change: Novice;Initiate', you can do 'rank change: Novice; Initiate'.
  • - Fixed problem with Autorank shutting down all tasks instead of only its own.
  • - Added a new validation check if all defined groups in the advancedconfig. Autorank will error at startup when there is a group defined in the config which is not defined as permissions group.
  • - Leaderboard is now checked less frequently.
  • - Added a new result feature: You can now play effects. To do this add 'effect: ZOMBIE_DESTROY_DOOR;8' for example. This will play the sound of a door breaking when a player ranks up. For more effects, check this
  • - Hopefully fixed the problem with characters on Linux.
  • - Added /ar import (permission: autorank.import). When you manually edit the data.yml, use this after you edited the data.yml.
  • - Fixed a problem where OP's were excluded from rank checks
  • - Added console support for /ar add and /ar rem.
  • - Fixed a bug where you couldn't check the time of a player when he/she was not online.

Version 2.1.1 Beta:

  • - Added colour code support for Leaderboard. Use this '§' and the appropriate code to use colours. Example: §4 would be dark red.
  • - Leaderboard has been fixed.
  • - Changed so it shows the next rank upon performing /ar check.

Version 2.1 Beta:

  • - Fixed that only one command would be performed although there were more to perform.
  • - Redesigned help pages
  • - Added languages. Only supports English and Dutch for the moment. To change your language, add a language option to your config.
  • - A few things have changed in the config. Look at the tutorial page for more information!

Version 2.0 Beta:

  • - Completely rewritten engine
  • - Updated to CraftBukkit 1.5-R0.1 (Build #02670)

Version 1.7:

  • - Fixed an issue with world specific ranking
  • - Exclude permission message only shows up in debug mode

Version 1.6.1:

  • - Fixed a error with time updates

Version 1.6:

  • - No longer does checks on login
  • - Checks one semi-random player (randomizes when a new player logs in so it doesn't have to store and check what players have and have not been checked yet) every 5 minutes to 5 seconds depending on how many players are online
  • - Hopefully fixed GroupManger support (needs further testing)
  • - Added the option for overriding vault and doing custom commands (possibly fixes PermissionsBukkit support but still untested)

Version 1.5:

  • - Does 1 random check every minute to have ranking without relogging and without causing lag
  • - Added /ar debug
  • - Added support for multiple "To:" groups, separate them with a ;

Version 1.4.2:

  • - Added /ar add [name] [amount]
  • - Added /ar rem [name] [amount]
  • - wildcard permissions no longer add autorank.timeexclude

Version 1.4.1:

  • - Small bugfix, commands that don't exist don't give an error anymore

Version 1.4:

  • - Now also supports ranking with multiple groups, doesn't only check for the primary group
  • - Default config generates with all your groups preset

Version 1.3.2:

  • - Fixed error for players that weren't in the data file yet
  • - Workaround for PermissionsBukkit Default rank (will always show up named "Default")

Version 1.3.1:

  • - Fixed the leaderboard not clearing itself

Version 1.3:

  • - Fixed Essentials AFK integration

Version 1.2.1:

  • - Fixed chat coloring for prefixes

Version 1.2:

Version 1.1:

  • - Added message prefix (for coloring)
  • - /ar check now updates ranks when needed

Version 1.0:

  • - Removed Essentials AFK integration for now, might be bugged, needs further testing
  • - Small tweaks

Version 1.0 beta 4:

  • - Bugfix for GM users, ranking past the 2nd rank should now work again

Version 1.0 beta 3:

  • - Now only logs data saved when debug mode is on
  • - Added Essentials AFK integration
  • - Added optional command execution when ranked up

Version 1.0 beta 2:

  • - fixed the Check command
  • - give a message if you are using the old config

Version 1.0 beta:

  • - cleaned up, removed and redid a bunch of code
  • - new config layout ! please delete your old one (data is still the same)
  • - is less affected by lag and causes less lag
  • - now ranks players up after they log in
  • - full multi-world support (untested)
  • - branched ranks support (partially tested)

Version 0.6:

  • - Fixed colored messages
  • - Hopefully fixed the ConcurrentModificationException error

Version 0.5:

  • - added reload command
  • - default setting now have colored messages
  • - fixed something that might have caused issues with player names
  • - doesn't display Null when player isn't in a group (still not sure if it actually works with no groups, might depend on your permissions plugin)

Version 0.4:

  • - World support (atm only 1 world)

Version 0.3:

  • - added set command
  • - added custom messages
  • - added permission node for excluding players or groups from playtime updates

Version 0.2.1:

  • - fixed /check for players with the starting rank

Version 0.2:

  • - added help command
  • - added check command
  • - added leaderboard command
  • - separate permission nodes for every command

Version 0.1:

  • - first release


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