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    Aug 8, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



This version of Autorank only works with Spigot 1.8 and above, it does NOT work on Bukkit.

Autorank now uses Java 1.7, please update if you're still running Java 1.6

  • Fixed: hasItem requirement errored when more than 1 was specified of an item.
  • Added: Autorank automatically backups all your file once per day.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard exemption wasn't working for offline users.
  • Updated: Stats 3 is now only supported.
  • Added: /ar gadd command with permission (autorank.gadd). Allows you to add global time to players.
  • Fixed: MySQL connection was not properly closed on shutdown.
  • Changed: When Autorank cannot properly connect to a certain hook, it will go into 'sleep' mode.
  • Fixed: Error when no mob was specified at the 'mob killed' requirement.
  • Fixed: Broken links in the AdvancedConfig.yml
  • Added: Mobs like Wither Skeleton, Powered Creepers, Spider Jockeys, Chicken Jockeys, Killer Rabbits and the Elder Guardian can now also be used on the 'mob killed' requirement.
  • Added: Food eaten requirement. See:
  • Added: You can now specify a display name for the items used in 'blocks broken' and 'blocks placed' requirement. See:
  • Added: Option to enable only primary group in Vault, you don't need to touch this, only when I tell you to. See:
  • Added: Leaderboard now also uses time plugin specified in settings.
  • Changed: Big internal rewrite. You won't notice anything different, but Autorank has become speedier.
  • Added: You can now have multiple ranking paths for the same rank. More info here:
  • Fixed: Small language mistakes.
  • Added: New warnings when config is not properly configured.
  • Fixed: mcMMO giving errors when trying to load not-loaded users; now uses cache values of mcMMO.
  • Fixed: Items were shown uppercase and with a '_' in the 'has item' description.
  • Fixed: Days, hours and minutes were incorrect shown on leaderboard. See
  • Changed: UUID get checked every 12 hours now; it was 24 hours before.
  • Changed: A few API methods have been rewritten, be careful developers!
  • Added: Tab completion can be used on all Autorank commands. Try it, it's fun!
  • Fixed: bPerms was only working with Autorank when all groups were lower-case.

A list of requirements and results: A list of food types:

This is a big update, I recommend upgrading.

A lot of libraries are updated, check down below if you're running the proper version.

Compatibility with other plugins:

This version of Autorank supports:

Autorank only works with these builds!

Release 3.6

Report all bugs at the bug tracker!

Make sure to upgrade to Java 7!