Autorank v3.5


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    Mar 15, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



This version of Autorank only works with Spigot 1.8 and above

Autorank now uses Java 1.7, please update if you're still running Java 1.6

  • Fixed: Autorank caused quite some lag when saving data.
  • Changed: Improved warning messages.
  • Added: Essentials GEOIP location requirement.
  • Added: Warning message when requirement was not setup correctly.
  • Fixed: XP requirement was not working properly.
  • Added: Warning message when requirements are not found on a group.
  • Updated: Stats library is updated.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard was giving errors when a player was offline.
  • Added: You can now implement 'or' logic. A requirement can have multiple scenarios that may be true. For more information, check (SuperAdvancedConfig)
  • Added: When running a dev version, Autorank won't look for any updates.
  • Fixed: Total block requirement wasn't showing any progress.
  • Added: New /ar hooks command. Allows you to check what plugins Autorank is hooked into.
  • Fixed: /ar check would not rank up a player if only 'optional' requirements were left.
  • Fixed: PEX was giving errors with multiple groups on rank up.
  • Added: Option to disable warnings in Settings.yml
  • Added: 'has item' requirement can now check for items with specific names. More info:
  • Added: Support for AFKTerminator.
  • Added: Add warning message when McMMO is misbehaving.

A lot of libraries are updated, check down below if you're running the proper version.

Compatibility with other plugins:

This version of Autorank supports:

Autorank only works with these builds!

Release 3.5

Report all bugs at the bug tracker!

Make sure to upgrade to Java 7!