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    Jul 6, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • 1.7.4



You need to delete your MySQL database and let it regenerate (if you upgraded from the Beta) because the old format doesn't allow for UUIDs
It is advised to let Autorank regenerate all your config files because new config options aren't automatically added
This version of Autorank only works with CraftBukkit 1.7.9 and above

  • Added: When using the hasItem requirement, you can now use a display name. (Look at the wiki for more information)
  • Added: You can now change the way /ar check looks!
  • Changed: The playerdata.yml is now periodically saved, which should lower the constraints on the server.
  • Fixed: When checking the AdvancedConfig.yml for any errors, Autorank would always tell it was correct, even though it sometimes wasn't.
  • Added: Autorank will now track progress of the completed ranks. If a player completed the previous rank, it cannot complete this rank again.
  • Changed: Small internal rewrite for MySQL handling.
  • Changed: Autorank won't automatically convert files anymore. You'll need to run /ar convert to convert a file.
  • Added: Added new aliases /ar fcheck for /ar forcecheck and /ar arch for /ar archive
  • Fixed: Autorank would error when no target was specified for /ar add, remove or set.
  • Updated: EssentialsGroupManager to 2.1.11, Factions to 2.4.0, MCore to 7.2.1, Vault to 1.4.1, mcMMO to 1.5.00 and OnTime to 3.13.3
  • Changed: Requirement and Result class are a lot more easy for developers to extend now! Yeah!
  • Added: New option to enable help pages per permission. When a player does /ar help, it will only show the commands available to that player.
  • Fixed: Autorank would still spam dependency messages even though you told him to shut up.
  • Added: New requirements! Times sheared, items crafted and fish caught!
  • Added: New result! Firework result will launch firework at a specific location.
  • Changed: data.yml is now saved every minute instead of every 30 seconds.
  • Added: New debug option. Should only be used when you want to debug Autorank.
  • Fixed: Autorank was not using the plugin that you specified in the 'use time of' option.
  • Fixed: Leaderboard was not updating correctly!

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Release 3.2

Report all bugs at the bug tracker!