Autorank v2.7.2 Beta


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    Dec 6, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0
  • 1.6.4


  • Changed: Automatic updater got an overhaul. It looks fancy now.
  • Fixed: Missing spaces in /ar help 3
  • Added: More in-depth javadocs for developers.
  • Added: New API methods for developers to use.
  • Added: A warning manager. Whenever Autorank finds an error, it will log the error and report it to you as soon as you join the server. You don't have to look in the server.log anymore to find what is wrong with Autorank. Some of the admins had a hard time accessing their FTP and thus cannot find the problems. That's why we implemented this new feature.
  • Added: Permission: autorank.warning.notice. Allows players to see the messages from the warning manager.
  • Fixed: Missing 'minutes' text in the time progress bar.
  • Added: /ar forcecheck <player>. When this command is ran, Autorank will check the given player immediately. (Permission: autorank.forcecheck)
  • Added: /ar syncstats. This will synchronise the time of Autorank to the time of Stats. (The time of Stats is more accurate) (Permission: autorank.syncstats)
  • Added: Autorank will now warn you when use Stats-enabled requirement but don't have Stats installed.
  • Changed: A few messages were too vague. Those are more detailed now.
  • Fixed: Only 2 decimals are shown when Autorank shows faction power instead of 10
  • Fixed: Player that was not in a faction would automatically have enough faction power
  • Added: Make sure Autorank is hooking into the correct Factions plugin. (Not the FactionsPlus plugin)
  • Added: New RequirementCompleteEvent for developers. (You can read more on the wiki)
  • Added: Internal JavaDocs.
  • Fixed: Problems with config loading after MySQL connection was made.
  • Fixed: Missing 'minutes' text in the time progress bar.
  • Fixed: Support for Factions 2.2.2 & MCore 6.9.1
  • Fixed: Support for Stats 1.37
  • Fixed: Simple Config was giving errors when there were none.

Compatibility with other plugins:

If you are using Stats or Factions, you'll need to update to the latest official release in order for it to work.

This version of Autorank supports:

Autorank only works with these builds!

Make sure to backup before using this beta build.

We're coming closer to an official release of Autorank 3.0. This will be the first official build since september the 1st 2012. I hope you can all enjoy the last few Beta builds before we go live!

Beta 2.7.2

This is a beta build and probably has a lot of bugs. Try to report EVERY BUG you find, it helps us a lot.
Report your bugs with tickets. DON'T PUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS!
For the lazy people: click here
Remember to backup your data so you can restore your data if it is lost due to a bug.
Thanks for testing Autorank Beta!