Autorank v2.7 Beta


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    Oct 9, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4
  • CB 1.6.2-R1.0
  • 1.6.2



  • Added: Extra API methods. You can now grab the API class without casting it. (More info on the wiki)
  • Fixed: Money requirement is now properly shown.
  • Updated: New JavaDocs.
  • Fixed: Language option is obsolete now. Removed.
  • Added: Warning message when someone tries to perform a command of Autorank but it is disabled.
  • Updated: Essentials dependency updated.
  • Added: 'Days, day, minutes, minute, second, seconds' are now translatable.
  • Updated: Almost every text can be translated now!
  • Added: Improved debugger. /ar debug will grab special information about the plugin and the server it is running on.
  • Fixed: Long standing bug with SimpleConfig.yml not using 'after' keyword.
  • Added: If a player wants to change its own time, it will need autorank.set.self. For changing time of another player, he needs autorank.set.other
  • Updated: Small optimisation for code.
  • Added: Extra safe check to make sure your config is correctly setup.
  • Added: You can now set the interval time Autorank checks players times on.
  • Added: 'damage taken' requirement. A player needs to take at least x amount of damage.
  • Updated: Vault dependency.
  • Added: Ranks do not require rank changes anymore.
  • Added: 'mobs killed' requirement. You can specify the amount of a certain mob or just an amount.
  • Added: 'location' requirement. You can specify a location and a range that a player can be in.
  • Fixed: Bug where players were not checked in 5 minutes.
  • Added: /ar syncstats. It will grab the time from the Stats plugin and set Autorank's time according to it.
  • Added: 'faction power' requirement. A player's faction needs to have x amount of power.
  • Added: /ar forcecheck <player>. When run for a player, it will check if a new rank up for a player is available but won't tell the target the outcome. It is as if the player was using /ar check but without the text.
  • Added: autorank.forcecheck & autorank.syncstats permissions.
  • Added: 'players killed' requirement. A player needs to kill x amount of players.
  • Updated: Support for Minecraft 1.6.4

Make sure to backup before using this beta build.

We're coming closer to an official release of Autorank 3.0. This will be the first official build since september the 1st 2012. I hope you can all enjoy the last few Beta builds before we go live!

Beta 2.7

This is a beta build and probably has a lot of bugs. Try to report EVERY BUG you find, it helps us a lot.
Report your bugs with tickets. DON'T PUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS!
For the lazy people: click here
Remember to backup your data so you can restore your data if it is lost due to a bug.
Thanks for testing Autorank Beta!