Autorank v4.0 Beta


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    Jan 28, 2017
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Hey dear admins,
Over the course of a few months, I've worked on a new version of Autorank. I'm now ready to introduce Autorank 4.0! It's a completely overhauled version, and so you'll need to relearn some stuff of Autorank.
However, don't fear! You can still do whatever you want with Autorank, it's still as powerful!
To upgrade from Autorank 3.8 (or lower) to Autorank 4.0, see the wiki!
Also note that I greatly improved the wiki! Check it out!
Note: this is a beta build as I changed a lot of code. I've tested and found many bugs, but there will always be a few left. Once I'm sure all bugs are squashed, I'll submit a full version. Hence, if you have a large production server, you might not want to upgrade yet.
Please report any bugs you find and have fun using Autorank!
Don't forget to read the wiki if you have any problems!