This plugin was created based on a request on the Bukkit Forums.

What is it?

If you have attractions or areas on your server, and want to restrict access to them with timed delays, this plugin is for you! AutoQueue allows you to define queues using a simple and efficient system, and uses signs to let users join them. No dependencies are necessary, and only one permission node exists.

It is important to note, however, that the AutoQueue will only work for the version it's built for—in other words, if you download a version of AutoQueue built for 1.10 and try to run it with a 1.8 server, please don't complain when you get errors.


autoqueue.admin - Users with this permission can create, modify, or remove queues, using the commands described below under "Advanced".


The hub command for AutoQueue is /autoqueue, with aliases under /attraction, /autoq, and /aqueue. Typing /autoqueue into chat will list available commands.

Basic Commands
These commands let users leave/exit a queue. The arguments are pretty self-explanatory...
/autoqueue <exit|list> - Does what it says on the tin.
Advanced Commands
These commands are responsible for managing and creating queues. They require the autoqueue.admin permission node. In all cases, the argument <name> is case-sensitive and can consist of multiple words.

/autoqueue <name> create - Creates an AutoQueue named <name>.
/autoqueue <name> edit - Opens the edit GUI for a queue. Also accessible by right-clicking on a queue sign.
/autoqueue <player> kick - Kicks a player from a queue.
/autoqueue <name> remove - Removes any AutoQueues with the name <name>.
/autoqueue <name> start - Starts the clock for the AutoQueue named <name>.
/autoqueue <name> halt - Stops and resets the clock for the AutoQueue named <name>. Also removes all members!

Example Use

Make sure that you have the autoqueue.admin permission node or that you are opped - or else these commands will not work for you.
1. Choose a name for your queue, and register it.
I'll be using a sample name of "Icefall" for my queue. It's usually good practice to make your queue names 16 characters or less, because they'll have to fit on a sign later.
Once I've chosen my name, I'll register a queue for it with the create command - /autoqueue Icefall create.

2. Set a location for your queue.
Maybe my attraction, Icefall, isn't exactly the most fun - it just involves teleporting the player to the edge of the cliff and then dropping him into a pool of icey water. Whatever - I'm a plugin developer, not Disney. To set the location, I simply type /autoqueue Icefall edit. This opens up a GUI that looks something like this:

After this, I just click on the button for "Set Location" and punch the block that I want the players to be teleported to.

3. Add additional details.
Now, I add the finishing touches to my AutoQueue by defining things like countdown or queue size. The buttons to set these values can be found in the GUI, but just as an example, if I want my players to wait 15 seconds before they get plunged into the Icey Pool of Fun, I just retype /autoqueue Icefall edit, open the GUI, and click on the button for queue size.

4. It's a sign!
How do you let players join the queue for your attraction? For now, no command exists - instead, players use signs to join AutoQueues. So, what's the format for one of these signs? Well:

Make sure that your first line is "[AutoQueue]", and that the second is the name of your attraction - exactly as you entered it the first time. Once you do this, the sign will replaced with something looking like this:

Players can now join your queue and do the most exciting thing of all: wait in line. You're done!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Post a comment or use the ticket tracker!

For a complete changelog, click here.


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