This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



  • Promotes peoples after a choosen time
  • As much as promotion-tasks, as you want
  • "Check every x secounds" option (delay)
  • "Excludes", add bad people here, they wont get promoted
  • in-game/console commands
  • Will work with GroupManager & Permissions, support for other permissions plugins is included, but not tested.
  • Easy Config file


  • /ap add [fromGroup][toGroup][time[m/h/d]] - Adds an Auto-Promo
  • /ap rem [fromGroup][toGroup] - Removes an Auto-Promo
  • /ap addex [playerNme] - Adds an exclude
  • /ap remex [remex] - Removes an exclude
  • /ap reload - Reloads the plugin
  • /ap save - Save config
  • /ap enable - Enables Auto-Promos
  • /ap disable - Disable Auto-Promos

Config Example

~ fromGroup->toGroup:
~ ~ from: fromGroup
~ ~ to: toGroup
~ ~ after: 24 h (or 10 m or 20 s)
delay: 60 (delay = check for promos every x secounds)
Excludes: badGuy1, badGuy2

In this example every player in the group 'fromGroup' gets promoted to the group 'toGroup' after 24 h.

Note: Every '' stand for 4 spaces. Do not use Tabs in the config file!

Other Infos

  • requires 'Stats 0.99' or 'TimeRank' (both tested)
  • Group Manager Support (tested)
  • Permissions 3.x Yeti Support (tested)
  • PermissionsEx Support (not tested)
  • bPermissions Support (not tested)

This isn't finished yet. I need your ideas and feedback to make it better! Thanks ;)


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