Creating Custom Ships

  1. Copy one of the existing ship configs (doesn't really matter which one)
  2. Rename it to whatever you would like the new ship to be called
  3. Change around settings to differentiate it (explanations below)

Ship Configuration

Configuration SettingDescriptionInput
mainTypeThe block id of the main type of the shipInteger
moveSpeedHow fast the ship movesInteger
maxBlocksMaximum amount of blocks that a ship can haveInteger
cannonMaterialBlock id that cannons should be made out ofInteger
maxCannonLengthMaximum length cannons can beInteger
maxNumberOfCannonsMaximum number of cannons that can be on a shipInteger
firesTntWhether or not a ship can fire TNTBoolean
dropsBombWhether or not a ship drops bombsBoolean
dropsNapalmWhether or not a ship drops napalmBoolean
firesTorpedoWhether or not a ship fires torpedoesBoolean
ignoreAttachmentsWhether or not the ship ignores attachmentsBoolean
allowedBlocksList of blocks that can be on a shipList<Integer>


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