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Added an in increase performance when used on servers that support spout (Slight Tweak)

What does the plugin do?//

I aimed to make this plugin as user-friendly as possible, and i tried to keep to a very low minimum of how much of the server resources this plugin takes! i found that other plugins that do this feature have a lot of un-needed coding! Due to it being a smaller plugin that obviously meant that the features would be cut back, Colours are still supported and you can have as many different messages as you want! But one thing that i tried to leave out due to un-nesseceary code was a option to change how long it took for each message, if there is enough requests i will change this. But for now i have decided to release roughly around 5 different versions with different intervals! they can be found in the downloads! if you want another Colour for the message and Brackets/A different interval, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!


10 Second Intervals :

How to Install:

Place the AutoBroadcast.jar file into your /directory/server/plugins folder Place the AutoBroadcaster folder into your /directory/server/plugins folder Change the messages.txt File in the AutoBroadcaster Folder Start the server, that simple!


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