I would like to thank the makers of Cling for their java UPNP library. AutoPortForward uses cling

Introduction: AutoPortForward automaticlly forwards the port that is specified in the The gateway device must support UPNP.

How this plugin works: AutoPortForward discovers gateway devices (ex: routers) and attempts to forward the port specified on a one of the devices. AutoPortForward will remove the port forward on disable, and add it again on enable. This is possible by sending a UPNP TCP request to forward a port to the gateway device, if it has UPNP, it will accept this request and forward the port specified in the It also tells you your external ip.

"But that's not possible, you NEED to port forward": As I stated above, this is very possible. See here It discovers gateway devices (routers, bridges, modems) and sends a UPNP TCP request to forward the port specified in the to the gateway device.

What versions of CraftBukkit / Bukkit are supported: AutoPortForward will work with almost if not all versions of CraftBukkit and Bukkit, as long as the onEnable and onDisable are the same.

Configuration: AutoPortForward uses the port in the (server-port) - The default is 25565.

WARNING: AutoPortForward will remove port mappings that use TCP on the port the server will be running off of, so if you have a web server running on port 80, and a minecraft server on port 80 (Which you shouldn't do) it will delete the web server port mapping and add the minecraft server.


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