Migrate from xAuth to AuthMe

Migrate from xAuth to AuthMe

You can use a tool like MySQL Workbench to exceute all the SQL Queries listed here.

The recommended way

The recommended way is to create a new database and copy the needed data from the xAuth database.

  • Create a new database for AuthMe with the name "authme".
  • Create this table in that database:
        CREATE TABLE `authme` (
        `username` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        `password` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        `ip` VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL,
        `lastlogin` BIGINT,
        CONSTRAINT `table_const_prim` PRIMARY KEY (`id`));
  • Copy all the needed data from the xAuth database to the AuthMe database with:
        INSERT INTO `authme`.`authme` (username,password,ip) 
        SELECT  `playername`, `password`, `lastloginip`
        FROM `xAuthDataBase`.`accounts`;
    Note that the name of "xAuthDataBase" and "accounts" depends on your configuration
  • Edit AuthMe's config.yml to use mysql and set the proper mysql username/password

The quick & dirty way

You can also configure AuthMe to use the xAuth database directly. But as AuthMe is also writing into that database it is possible that xAuth can't use that database anymore.

  • Open AuthMe's config.yml and edit those settings:
        backend: mysql
        mySQLDatabase: xauth   # or whatever name your xauth database has
        mySQLTablename: accounts   # look in your xauth config you might have changed the name of the table there
        mySQLColumnName: playername
        mySQLColumnPassword: password
        mySQLColumnIp: lastloginip
  • Dont forget to set the proper MySQL username/password


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