AuthMe 2.6.5


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    Mar 30, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.4-R1.0
  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2


Changelog: 2.6.5

  • fix Citizens isNPC check if citizens isent found

Changelog: 2.6.4

  • fix lag on Movement event if allowMovement: true and radius is > 0
  • fix reload config for spout.yml
  • add Multilanguage support, now messages.yml is renamed in messages_en.yml
  • support default language de - cz - en - br feel free to send me your language translation for adding it as dafault
  • new config option messagesLanguage: en that set the language of messages. ( see below Known caveats if dont want to load the default lang file )
  • now there is real support for both citizens Version 1.1.x and 2.x
  • support for minecraft 1.2.4
  • support for new spoutplugin
  • critical bug fixes

Changelog: 2.6.3b7

  • fix new check on /login command for users that use web registration
  • fix permissions on join config option that did take only 2 perms now is all perms listed in config file
  • fix backup for Windows System. New config option backupWindowsPath: , windows users has to set here, mysql installation path.
  • fix saved quit location on kick from server.

Changelog: 2.6.3b6

  • Fix some lost of inventories and remove all code of /reload command to prevent lost of items
  • add more checks at /login command for ppl that use web registration scripts
  • add backup system on start and on stop of server: new config options ActivateBackup default false
  • renamen config option VBullettinOptions in ExtarnalBoardOptions so for ppl that use vbullettin hook pls regenerate config file or change it manually

Changelog: 2.6.3b5

  • fix for file Configuration and new options
  • add new command /authme version
  • add new config option passwordMaxLength default 20
  • change in messages.yml the message about min password Length for handler new option maxpasswordLength

Changelog: 2.6.3b4

  • fix error when player isent registered and try to login #ticket
  • add message for changepassword usage ( regenerate it ) #ticket
  • support for Citizens 2.0 and 1.1.6
  • add new config Options enablePasswordVerifier: true for enabling/disabling password confirmation in /register command #ticket
  • add SQLITE for account storage backend: SQLITE
  • new config option ProtectIntentoryBeforeLogIn: true if set to false leave all inv and armor when players is unlogged in, this options is very insecure, due to difficulty to handler in player inventories, so could happen that bad players can wipe others Inventory, so use it at your own risk, or wait a better inventory implementation in bukkit.

Changelog: 2.6.3b3

  • Fix ForceRegistration bug as reported from user
  • fix radius check
  • attempt to fix GroupManager usses when GroupSwitching is active, now all group is checked per world
  • add new permissions for adding one more account registration bypass limit: authme.allowed2accounts
  • add SpoutCraft Login GUI from HOEZE
  • fix some error on quit location when players is died
  • cleanup code for increese performances

Changelog: 2.6.3b2

  • attempt to Fix Vault usses now is really soft depend
  • fix usage for registration command
  • fix some error in console command
  • add support for Combat Tag
  • inizial style for file log
  • fix configuration creation error
  • now EnablePermissionCheck: is default false, to avoid ppl that wont read the wiki.

Changelog: 2.6.3b1

  • fix for configuration file not created correctly
  • attempt to fix wrong respawn location on SaveQuitLocation:true
  • fix Armor glitch and Exploit
  • added support for new vault
  • attempt to fix Faction command restrictions

Before update to this version make sure to do a backup of all files, database and accounts.

  1. Check the configuration wiki
  2. Check how to setup new version

if u want your language style u have just to renamen it as messages_en.yml and set in config.yml messageLanguage: en to load it.
if your players can chat even if allowChat: false , take some minuts and try to configure unLoggedInGroup ( check the how to wiki ) with none permissions this will solve all major secrity problem.

i next version i will add all major external board support so be patient