AuctionChest v1.11

Auction system similar to WoW Auction House buyouts.


Turn off the server completely before you put in the plugin. Doing a /reload when you're installing it for the first time seems to break the plugin.

Vault required!

Vault can be found here

NOTE: the description/commands/permissions and features only represent the latest version of the plugin. It is highly recommended to update when new version is out!


  • Place chests that function as auction house with custom name in config.
  • Sell/buy items from auction with permissions.
  • Get messages when someone buys your auction. (/auctionchest silent to silence those messages if they get annoying)
  • Show custom text on item when it's being auctioned.


For players

  • Left mouse button buy/sell/remove 1 item.
  • Right mouse button buy/sell/remove 8 default items (configurable in config.yml)
  • Shift+click buy/sell/remove all items

For admins

  • Type /auctionchest get <name>. name - the name of the chest (shows up when viewing the chest inventory)
  • Place the chest where you want the auction chest to be.
  • You've made an auction chest! It's that simple! Really.
  • If you want to delete unwanted auctioned items just type /auctionchest clean and click on the items.
  • If you want to increase max slots for a player then type /auctionchest maxslots <player> <number>.

    Lore example

    Message example

Commands and permissions:

/auc /auctionchest-Shows slots and silence status.
/auc help-Shows the user other commands that he has permission to use.
/auc get <name>auctionchest.getGives an auction chest item with the specified name (name shows up when viewing the auction inventory)
/auc silentauctionchest.silentToggles silence for the messages get when users auctioned items is bought.
/auc cleanauctionchest.cleanToggles the feature to delete items from auction chest when clicked on them.
/auc countauctionchest.countCounts the auction chests on the server.
/auc maxslots <p> <#>auctionchest.maxslotsSets the maximum auction slots for the player.
/auc reloadauctionchest.reloadReloads the plugin config.
-auctionchest.sellAllow user to auction items.
-auctionchest.buyAllow user to buy auctioned items.

New ideas and bug reports are welcome in the comments :)


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