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Ever wanted to experience attack dogs in minecraft? Yes, yes you have. You can't deny it. Stop lying to yourself. Take down your enemies and (Not-So) friendly minecraft players harnessing the power of attack dogs. Note: This next part of text will take all of the imagination left in your cluttered brain. You have been adventuring for days.. You have witnessed multiple attacks; due to the fact you were the attacker. You have built up your strength and managed to get seven consecutive kills. You are low on health, little kids are teaming on you. You can no longer survive. Unleash the all mighty, summon the darkness. Raise hell to all enemies. Your attack dogs target every player within 20 blocks of you. The enemies can no longer live; They will not escape. For a sweet twenty seconds, you are the god. Almighty and creator of the overworld. Yes, Steve, you are god. Your attack dogs come, they assassinate all nearby players and run back to camp. You cannot be defeated... You are STEVE!
Okay, okay. Here is a simplified version for the not-so-imaginative players. You hit a seven killstreak, you summon attack dogs that last for a maximum of twenty seconds. You wipe out your enemies within 20 blocks. Your dogs retreat, you can go back to leading.


Attack dogs is an advanced killstreak system. It allows players that hit [Specified number of kills] to summon dogs. These dogs will then target ever player in [Specified Range]. The dogs have increased strength, but lower health. They only survive for [Specified Time]; they will retreat after this. All dogs spawn at the players location.

There will be a configuration file generated for this plugin; it allows you to specify the consecutive kills required to summon the attack dogs, the range in which the attack dogs will look for targets and the time the attack dogs last for. In the future, there may be an option that logs every killstreak to a txt files - this is still to be decided.


ad.summonAllows [player] to summon attack dogs.


I already put a little information above, but here is an example:

DogRadius: [Radius in which attack dogs will find a target e.g. 20]
MaxTime: [Time in seconds for how long dogs will last e.g. 20]
KillsRequired: [Kills required to summon attack dogs e.g. 7]

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