Assassins adds a different style option for PVP by allowing players to become and/or hire an "Assassin" on their servers and have them killed for a price.

Players can create "contracts" on other players requesting that they be assassinated for a given price. Any player can then choose to become an "Assassin" by choosing a player off the "Wanted" list and then going out to kill them.

Once you choose to take on a contract, you are given a specific amount of time to accomplish that assassination, or the contract goes back to the wanted list for someone else to try.

If you succeed at killing the player, you get the payments from all the current contracts on that players' head at the time of the killing.

Uses Metrics for sending completely anonymous data to for usage tracking.

CraftBukkit 1.4.7

The latest version of Assassins (1.2.2) appears to work fine on CB 1.4.7

If you are having specific problems, please report it. Also, please before reporting, please ensure that you do not have an error in your configuration files that might be causing your problems.

An update with some new features will be coming soon as time permits.


Please note the following:

  • Assassins requires plug-in Vault for managing the connections to your existing permissions and economy plug-ins. See the Vault site for supported permission & economy plug-ins.


This is a list of the available commands that can be used:

/assassin helpDisplays help depending on other permissions.
/assassin kill <player> <amt> [reason]Create a cash contract against a player.
/assassin kill <player> <count:item> [reason]Create an item contract against a player.
/assassin kill <player> hand [reason]Create an item contract against a player using what is in your hand.
/assassin revengeRequest revenge contracts on those who got you killed.
/assassin cancel <player>Cancels a contract you created; if not being hunted.
/assassin expiredCollect refunds for any contracts that expired.
/assassin wantedDisplays all players that currently have contracts on them.
/assassin view <player>Displays all the contracts on a specific player.
/assassin hunt <player>Choose to take on the contracts and hunt the player.
/assassin track <player>This sets your compass to a "estimated" location of the player you're hunting.
/assassin blitz <player>Activate your blitz attack on the player.
/assassin contractsLists all the players you are currently hunting.
/assassin protect <player>Protect a player from being damaged or killed (anti-grief).

Creating Contracts

Create a contract, and offer cash as reward:
/assassin kill PlayerA 100 He killed my pigs

Create a contract, and offer items as reward:
/assassin kill PlayerA 10:Iron_Ingot He ruined my garden

Create a contract, and offer the item in your hand as reward:
/assassin kill PlayerA hand He flooded my house

Item names MUST be one word replacing spaces with "_" and you must have the item(s) in your inventory.

Revenge Contracts

When you are killed by an Assassin, you can place revenge contracts on all the players who had put contracts on you.

Revenge contracts are placed for free to you and contain the same cash/item payments that each player used to pay your Assassin.

Yes, the same Assassin can hunt those contracts and get paid again !

However, if you are killed due to a revenge contract or an auto contract, you cannot request revenge back.

New (version 1.2)

Auto Contracts

Auto contracts allow the plug-in to place contracts randomly onto players when they log in. This allows you to keep the assassin wanted list flowing with people to kill without requiring others to request them.

For more details on how to configure auto contracts, see our Configuration page.

New (version 1.2)

Blitz Attacks

A Blitz attack gives you temporary benefits for a specific period of time. When the time period expires, after-effects can also be applied.

A Blitz attack can only be activated if you are currently hunting the player and are close enough to them.

The following is what you can configure:

  • The duration for how long blitz will last.
  • The cool down period that must pass before they can use it again.
  • The number of blocks the player must be within of their prey in order to activate a blitz attack.

Benefits are the bonuses a player gains for the duration of the Blitz attack. These are removed from the player once the duration ends. The benefits, which are also configurable:

  • Turn invisible to that player
  • Increased movement speed
  • Increased jump height
  • Adjust your compass to better locate their exact location

After effects are applied to the player after the Blitz attack duration has ended. These will last for the same duration as the benefits did. The after-effects, which are also configurable:

  • Blindness
  • Decreased movement speed
  • Confusion


This is a list of the available permissions:

assassin.* Allows all commands except protect.
assassin.helpAbility to use assassin help pages.
assassin.killAbility to request a player to be killed.
assassin.revengeAbility to request a revenge contract.
assassin.cancelAbility to cancel a request for a player to be killed.
assassin.expiredAbility to request refunds for expired contracts.
assassin.wantedAbility to view players with contracts on their heads.
assassin.viewAbility to view all the contracts on a players head.
assassin.huntAbility to accept a contract and hunt a player.
assassin.trackAbility to track a player.
assassin.blitzAbility to activate a blitz attack on a player.
assassin.contractsAbility to view all contracts being hunted by yourself.
assassin.protectAbility to toggle a players protection status.

More Information

Want to see a bit of what it looks like ? Visit our Screen Shots page.

Source code can be found on github.

Change Log
View all the changes made on our Change Log.

Planned Features

  • Add sign support for creating, displaying and accepting assassin contracts.

Reporting errors

If submitting an error, please try to provide as much details as you can. Example: (but not limited to)

  • Commands run
  • Configuration files
  • Bukkit version
  • Detailed steps to reproduce (should it not be just the commands)

Any or all of the above will go a long way in helping me resolve your problem quickly and efficiently. All tickets will be looked at, but those that are written best will take priority.


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