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Enjoy the sensation of jumping off of roof-tops and flying down mountains... without dying? With AssassinPack you can do just that, if you sneak before you fall you can roll off the damage of the fall and live to fight another day. Give your users this ability with the permission "assassin.roll". One can now either headshot others to more quickly assassinate them, scare them with exploding arrows, or grapple to their castle's turrets. Switching to either gunpowder or string will allow you to do the two latter options.

The Crazy Lab


  • "assassin.headshot" for headshot (do not use if using CombatCrits)
  • "assassin.arrowspecials" for arrow grapple + arrow explosion (does not damage world)
  • "assassin.roll" for reduced damage when falling
  • "assassin.longjump" for feather jump
  • "assassin.torcharrow" requires special arrows permission

How to

  • Feather Jump - Equip a feather to your inventory and hold it in your hand, right click it to add a few extra blocks to your height (click faster to go higher)
  • Grapple - Fire an arrow, before it lands switch to string... simple as that
  • Roll - Hit shift before slamming into the ground (only works from 15 blocks)
  • Torch arrow - Fire an arrow, before it lands switch to a torch
  • Exploding arrows - Fire an arrow, before it lands switch to gunpowder (does no damage to map) For all of the arrow specials, you MUST be sneaking!

Check out some servers

Join me and other community members on

Also in development is an official Gold Rush server for all of my plugins to be shown off in an interesting fashion.


If you have any serious bugs, please submit a ticket, else I may miss the issue and it will be left unchanged!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to join me on an IRC to chat about it! IRC channel

If I happen to not be online here, you can contact me at here: Click Here


If you're a super duper awesome sexy person, or just feel like helping out a lowly developer please feel free to donate a few pennies to my tip-jar. Any donations above $5 will earn you a spot in the list of supporters. Thank you very much! Donate!

Footnote: See if you can find the Easter egg!

Special thanks to AlexNuB!


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