Ask 8 Ball v1.3

If you have ever used StealthBot on old, you know about the Ask8Ball plugin/script.
This is basically it, but it has variables too, just like on
It's messages are configurable and you can have up to (2^31)-1 messages if you want.

You can use the command, or access the 8ball publicly like this:
ask8ball Will I ever get married?
Maybe someday.

In version 1.3:

There are five languages:
Please correct my translations!

There are two configuration values:

messages: - A list of the possible messages. Can include variables.
key: - The key, by default ask8ball.

There is one command available for use:

/ask8ball (question)

Instead of publicly broadcasting your answer, it whispers it to you.
Supports functions and all static messages.

! This command doesn't change based on the key value in the config !

There is one function available for use:

ask8ball can you please reload?
Yeah fine. Reloading.
(This just reloads the messages in config.yml)

There are four static messages:

ask8ball am i gay?
Yes, but thats OK.

ask8ball does it blend?
I don't know, ask Tom Dickson.

ask8ball ?

ask8ball what is the meaning of life?

There are six variables for use in the config:

- Your name is %p.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
Your name is pyraetos.

- A random person on the server is %r.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
A random person on the server is pyraetos.
A random person on the server is Azurago.

- Your IP Address is %c.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
Your IP Address is

- The servers version is %v.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
The servers version is blah-blah-blah-Bukkit-blah-1337jnks(Minecraft 1.8.1).

- A random person besides me is %o.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
A random person besides me is Azurago.
A random person besides me is pyraetos.

- Your worlds name is %w.

<pyraetos> ask8ball test
Your worlds name is NerdyCast.


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