Ask-v0.4b-No more n00b questions!

As an admin, you may have been asked questions like, "How do I make money?", more times than you can count. Not anymore! Ask enables you to add questions to a file, then users can ask them.

I am no longer working on this project. It might still run on servers though, there are no ties to the game of Minecraft itself, only to Bukkit. If you would like to take this project over, please email me at (my user name)[email protected] -just be sure to replace the (my user name) with my actual user name.

Configuring Questions


Noob: /ask How do I earn cash?
Plugin: You must ... to earn cash.
* Noob: /ask What does cash do?
Plugin: You can buy and sell stuff with your cash.

The Properties:

These are functions of the properties listed in in the plugins/Ask folder. useRegex: Use regex when comparing. deafultAnswer: The text displayed if no answers appear.

Using Ask:

  • Note commands listed in approximate rank required, actual rank may change based on your server. Type /ask ? to see all of the commands available to you.

For askers and above:

  • To ask a question type /ask [question] Example: /ask How do I use ask?

For moderators and above:

  • To remind someone how to use ask, type /ask r
  • To set the message, type /ask r set [New reminder]

For Admins and above:

  • To view the next unanswered question, type /ask add next
  • To add an answer to the list, type /ask add [new answer] *Note: must be in the proper format. Example: /ask add What/life/meaning/Go ask Siri.
  • If while doing this, you get a question without an answer, type /ask remove to remove it. This is handy for questions like "w389hrjh38wfj 8w3f9 j"


  1. Put Ask.jar into your plugins folder
  2. Run the server to create the config files.
  3. Open answers.txt and in plugins/Ask
  4. Add your own Answers to the text file.
  5. Change configuration as needed.
  6. type /ask reload or /reload to restart ask or the server respectively.

Note: This is in Beta. If anything dosen't work, please leave a ticket. There will be future versions with added features.

Planned Features

Planned Features are listed here:

Planned Features Page

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