AShops 1.0

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AShops is a new Bukkit server plugin that allows players to sell and buy items with a chest. Unlike many other shop plugins, it doesn't use signs to represent a shop offer. Instead, it uses chest inventories and item descriptions and thereby makes possible to sell or buy (or both) items of different types using only a single chest. It means less chests and time spent on creating shops. Using description as an offer details source makes shopping also more friendly than reading a raw text from a sign, and by representing an offer as a real item, not only it is easier to find what you need, but it also allows you to sell/buy the exact item you have in hand, with all data it contains.

AShops has a lot of features, that can be useful for different types of servers. If you run an economy server, you can set an income tax or a price for new shops. You can choose an account for money from taxes and server shops transactions. If you need, you can even set a minimal price for any item or exclude it from shops. This plugin can be used also on survival servers! You can turn off chests protection in the plugin config file, and players will be able to destroy other players' shops and collect items from them. Or you can simply list all regions where players can create shops.

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  • You can buy 1, 16 or 64 items at once, it depends how you click it! (LMB, RMB, SHIFT)
  • You can decide how many items you will buy in your shop from players!
  • You don't have to type your offer on sign, you just use a chat!
  • You can add any potion and any item with any enchantment!
  • You can set a price for shops! Per group!
  • You can exclude items from shops!
  • You can specify a minimal price for items!
  • You can set a discount for items in server shops! Per group!
  • You can set a shops limit! Per group!
  • You can set an account for server shops transactions!
  • You can set taxes and choose where collected money should be send!
  • You can list regions, where player can create shops!
  • You can allow players to destroy other players' shops and get their items (useful on survival servers)!
  • You can attach shop signs to any side of a chest or to a wall behind it! You can remove them and attach them again!
  • You can disable your shop, and nobody will have access to it, unless you enable it again!


  • WorldGuard: compatible.
  • LWC: protection removal required (AShops protection remains).
  • Lockette: enable-quick-protect in Lockette's config file must be set to false.


  • If you want to translate this plugin to your language or correct one of the existing translations, check this translations file and post a ticket on this page with your version of messages from this file.


This plugin uses to collect anonymous data about how it's used. If you wish, you can turn this off in a config file.


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