ArmorUp! The best way to apply armor of any type to any player you want!

Recently updated with economy support!

With this plugin it's easy to give yourself or other players full armor of any type! It also has the ability to enchant your current armor with Fire, Projectile, or Environmental Protection IV! And now, thanks to this update, you can charge money for each command use! Not only does ArmorUp give you all these great features, it includes individual permissions for each armor type, and the enchant feature! Download now!

List of commands:
  • /ArmorUp <target> <Diamond | Iron | Gold | Chain | Leather>
  • /ArmorUp Enchant <Protection/Prot | FireProt/FireProtection | ProjProt/ProjectileProtect>
  • /ArmorUp Reload
  • Command alias: /Aup
List of permissions:
  • armorup.use.*
  • armorup.use.diamond
  • armorup.use.iron
  • armorup.use.chain
  • armorup.use.leather
  • armorup.enchant
To-Do List:

- Add economy support

- Add cool down function

More Info:

- Want a custom plugin? PM me!

- Need help with setting up this plugin? Just post a comment below!

- My Site: XanderCraft

- Thanks! :D


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