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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Configure as many armor sets as you want, based on leather armor color, that give continuous potion effects when the whole set is equipped.


You can configure as many armor sets as you want in the config, and each set has a unique color and potion effect. The color acts as the identifier of the set, so you can use whatever item display names you want. When a player equips a FULL matching set, they get the configured potion effect until they remove at least one piece of armor. The effect wears off after about 10 seconds; that is to prevent constantly having "wearing off" effects the whole time you are wearing a set (for example "flashing" of night vision before it wears off). Effects that you can use are PotionEffectTypes from the Bukkit API.

This plugin can generate sets of matching leather armor with the as.make command (see Commands) but that was intended for testing. Any leather armor set that matches one in the ArmorSets config will trigger its effect, regardless of display names.


  • as.reload:
    • description: Reloads ArmorSets config.
    • usage: /as.reload
  • as.make:
    • description: Makes a set of leather armor with the given RGB color and display name. Intended for testing only.
    • usage: /as.make <name> <R> <G> <B>


The default configs contain a wide variety of pre-configured sets. The file itself is fairly self-explanatory; you need a set_list that lists the names of all of your sets, and you need to specify each set's RGB values, effect, and amplifier.

Here's an example:

  - frog
  - fish
      red: 8
      green: 192
      blue: 132
      effect: JUMP
      amp: 1
      red: 8
      green: 11
      blue: 132
      effect: WATER_BREATHING
      amp: 0


I want to try to expand permissions to allow you to control who can actually benefit form the effects when they collect a set. For now, you'll have to control that based on who is allowed to collect the items.

  • as.reload:
    • description: Allows a player to use the as.reload command.
    • default: op
  • as.make:
    • description: Allows a player to use the as.make command.
    • default: op


Put ArmorSets.jar into your plugins folder and run your server to generate the default configs. Then you should be good to go!


  • Ordinary undyed leather and other armor types (iron, diamond, etc) can't be configured to cause effects.

Future Development

  • More permissions. One for using armor sets at all, and possibly one for each set.
  • An option to also or only match display names.
  • Make it possible to configure other armor types to give set effects.
  • Make it possible to have a stronger effect the more pieces of a set you are wearing.


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