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    Nov 27, 2016
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  • 1.10


Please read all the below changes since some of them are very important.

Added the ability to lock-on to armor stands. The intention of this ability is to allow editing only the armorstand you mean to edit, even if other armor stands are in the way.

To use target an armor stand, hold the edit tool in your mainhand and press the swap-item-in-hands key (default F) while looking at the armorstand you want to edit. Keep pressing that key until the desired armorstand is highlighted. You can simply press the key while looking away from armor stands to unlock the target.

Added Chinese and French translations (thanks for your contributions!) I also added some new messages so all languages are sadly already out of date :(

Fixed an issue with missing permissions for the reset pose feature. I added the permission node asedit.reset which defaults to true.

Made icons prettier by removing extra data inherent to some of the items, such as potion effects.

I changed the way configuration files are saved for now. You may wish delete all language and configuration files in order to generate new values. Particularly, the language files contain multiple "target" values that need to be deleted so they can be replaced with the new value.