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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Important: Rename your en_US.yml before updating if you made changes that you want to be saved. If you like the default English text or use another language don't worry about it.
Language Changes
The en_US.yml file is now reset to default each time the plugin is enabled. If you want to change something, be sure to make a copy of the file and call it something else first!
Added Romanian translation. Thanks nicuch!
Updated Ukrainian translation. Thanks Coolboy21!
Help button
Added a Help button in the bottom right of the primary chest GUI. When clicked, it will dump some text into chat. The text can be configured in the language files.
Of course, there is only English text for this so it will be displayed as English until you update the language files or a contributor does it for you.
Name Tags
Blank name tags now reset armorstand names to blank. This function is free and does not consume the name tag. Naming armor stands still consumes a name tag in survival.
I made a thing to help players learn the plugin. It will eventually be expanded to include information about permissions and commands.
I simplified the plugin versioning. It is now simply [MinecraftVersion]-[releasenumber]. This is version 1.11.2-18, for example.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Minecraft overwriting nametag colors in 1.11