Armageddon - Cannons, grenades, and guns galore!

Armageddon allows you to configure any dispenser as a cannon. It lets users throw various grenades and shoot different types of guns. There are extensive configuration parameters that allow for great flexibility. Armageddon supports PermissionsBukkit, Permissions, PermissionsEx, and GroupManager.

What's New?

Version 2.7 adds the ability for the plugin to update itself and to send anonymous usage statistics. Both are optional and can be turned off by adding 'settings.disable-updates' and 'settings.disable-stats' to config.yml respectively.

As of version 2.5 you will no longer need to manually install the BaseBukkitPlugin.jar file. In fact, when upgrading to 2.5, please remove this file from your plugins folder. A new version will automatically be downloaded and installed when Armageddon detects an update to it. If you need to manually install the jar, download it from the github release directory and move it to the WorldModes folder. Do not install it in the plugin folder!


  • dispensers configured as cannons will shoot live TNT or other grenades when dispensing configurable grenades
  • cannon configuration include angle, velocity, and a fuse length
  • dispensers can be turned into cannons by left-clicking with torches or redstone dust
  • cannons can be turned into dispensers by left-clicking with redstone dust
  • the '/cb' command allows for the display and configuration of user-specific cannon settings
  • user-specific cannon settings can be applied to a dispenser or cannon by left-clicking with a torch
  • cannon settings can be displayed by left-clicking a dispenser bare-handed
  • users can throw grenades by left-clicking in air with a grenade held in hand
  • users can shoot guns by left-clicking in air with a configurable gun item in hand, which has next to it a configurable ammunition
  • limited MoveCraft support:
    • straight moves work, turns do not;
    • you must have the latest version of MoveCraft installed!
  • supports Bukkit's permissions, Permissions, PermissionsEx, and Groupmanager (without either one of them, only ops can use Armageddon):
    • armageddon.display allows players to display cannon/dispenser settings
    • armageddon.configure allows players to change settings
    • armageddon.toggle allows players to turn cannons on and off
    • armageddon.grenades.* allows players to throw any grenade
    • armageddon.grenades.<grenade> allows players to throw a specific grenade
    • armageddon.guns.* allows players to shoot any gun
    • armageddon.guns.<gun> allows players to shoot a specific gun


Source Code

Default Configuration File - Please read!


  1. download the Armageddon.jar and move it to your plugins folder
  2. reload your server
  3. read and adjust configuration file in plugins/Armageddon/config.yml
  4. reload your server if you made any changes


  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 above.
  2. remove the CannonBall.jar and BaseBukkitPlugin.jar files from your plugins folder if it is present
  3. Carefully read the plugins/Armageddon/config-new.yml file and adapt your own config.yml to any changes (it may be easier to just move config-new.yml to config.yml)
  4. reload your server

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