You can join all games in a team so that you can play with friends. To do this you have to "create" your team then join one of the games. (A game might break you up if needed, but it will try to respect the teams if possible)

Team Permissions

If you want players to be able to join specific teams (like red/blue), they will need to have these permissions.

Permission to join any team in any game.
Permission to join any team in a specific game.
Permission to join specific teams in a specific game.
  •<team index>

Creating a team

Say you have a friend named ZeroCool. You should type the following

  • /team create ZeroCool

Your friend will then have to type

  • /team join

or if he doesn't want to join the team then

  • /team decline

If he accepts then you can now join a game as a team simply by one of you typing the command

  • /fb join

Team Commands

  • /team info
  • /team decline
  • /team disband
  • /team join
  • /team create <player 1> <player 2>...<player x>


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