Futbol is a realistic soccer plugin for Bukkit using the BattleArena API. Players can left-click and "kick" an item or "ball" into a goal to score points. After a team scores a goal they will not be able to kick the ball for a configurable amount of time, or until the opposing team touches/kicks the ball. The team with the highest score at the end of the time limit wins. Rewards can be given to the winning and losing teams. Players can form teams, and even join tournaments. If the arena is in use, the players are kept in the queue and will join when one opens up. Server admin have the option of using BattleTracker to track win:loss records.

New Features
  • Ball Physics
  • Particle trails


  1. Put BattleArena.jar into your plugins folder.
  2. Put ArenaFutbol.jar into your plugins folder.

Field Setup

  • /futbol or /fb
  1. /fb create <arena name> Create arena and set team 1 spawn
  2. /fb alter <arena name> 2 Set team 2 spawn
  3. /fb alter <arena name> 3 Set center of field for ball
  4. Spawns can now be set by team. /fb alter <arena name> <team #> <spawn #>
  • Goal Blocks changed in v0.4.1
  1. In the goal team one is shooting at place Stone blocks under wooden pressure plates
  2. In the goal team two is shooting at place Cobblestone blocks under wooden pressure plates


  • /futbol or /fb
  • /fb join
  • /fb leave
  • /fb ball Set the item you are holding as the ball.
  • /fb balltimer <Seconds> Set how long a team cannot kick the ball after a goal.
  • /fb pitch <int> Adjust angle of kick must be between 0 and 90 degrees. example: /fb pitch 15
  • /fb maxpitch <int> Set max angle of kick must be between 0 and 90 degrees. example: /fb maxpitch 90
  • /fb power <double> Set power of kick must be 2.0 or less. 1.0 = 100% example: /fb power 1.4


  • arena.Futbol.join
  • arena.Futbol.leave







Source is on GitHub.


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