AreaGuard 2.2 for MC 1.2.5 (CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R2.0).

Why AreaGuard?

  • Server administrates himself - users work for tokens, then they claim areas to themself (there is configurable minimal limits to avoid trolling).
  • Very lightweight and small (for faster loading) code.
  • As simply as possible, yet still powerfull (it protects from everything, even non-owner passive mobs killing, and has all important functions).
  • Get rid of thousands of unneeded stuff and focus on comfortable gameplay and administration. :)

What this plugin provides?

  • Area protections, defined by two points chosen by user.
  • Users claim areas in cost of (configurable; server admin choose one method):
    • special tokens bought for exp (to avoid losing areas exp-funds at death). [DEFAULT]
    • special tokens bought for Vault money.
    • Vault money (instead of buying it via tokens system).
  • Optional Vault permissions support.
  • Very detailed areas information, including information about specific area or listing of player's own areas.
  • Support for Overworld, Nether and The End. Multiworld support.
  • Protection from areas overlapping alongside with protection from too small areas (to avoid trolling with them) - all via configurable limits.
  • Well-formated messages, with short commands, to speed up and make usage of this plugin more comfortable.
  • Detailed help, both plugin built-in and bukkit help entries.
  • No limits for the size of areas, also admin areas are free of charge.
  • Lightweight, well-organised algorithm.
  • Provide protection without high requirements. Includes protection for mobs, minecarts, redstone mechanisms and farmlands.
  • Provide fire, flint and steel, explosions, paintings, fluids, pistons, fire charge, splash potions, natural ignition and growth protection.
  • Protects non-player's own fire from being extinguished. Prevents Endermans from griefing.
  • Ability to control mob spawning in areas and each area PVP settings.
  • Very precisely tested to avoid unhandled exceptions.
  • Really fast loading and response for commands.
  • Well-organised file structure, each player's areas are in their own file.
  • Only one config file, without thousands of unneeded options. Configuration file updates automatically on plugin update.
  • PluginMetrics support (can be turned off).
  • Selection and information tool are both configurable.


Config.txt syntax

Optional permission nodes


Data storage syntax



Note about spawn protection in lastest CraftBukkit, which omits protection plugins settings (a brief instruction about how to get rid of it)

New CraftBukkit added protection for small area around the spawn. Unfortunatelly, it blocks any actions without checking what protection plugins think about it. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to disable it and set up normal spawn protection via protection plugin (for example AreaGuard).

So, the solution to disable that strange CraftBukkit behaviour is to open bukkit.yml file and set spawn-radius option in settings group to 0. It should look like this:

  spawn-radius: 0

Remember: that double space before "spawn-radius" is necessary!

PluginMetrics [click on the image to see more statistics]

AreaGuard statistics

PluginMetrics license note

Which plugins are the best addition to this one?

  • LogBlock or CoreProtect (logging players actions).
  • LWC (protection against thefts).
  • TradeCraft-AE (chest shops based on REAL money (items, not artificial digital money))
  • motd (player-to-player teleportation requests, MOTD and time votes)
  • CraftBukkitUpToDate (plugin, which helps you to keep your server/plugins up to date)

Plans for AreaGuard 2.3

  • Minimalistic API (advanced enough for making extensions for AreaGuard, but made without additional code ballast).
  • Translations support.


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