Anvil Spleef

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Anvil spleef

What is Anvil spleef?

Some time ago, I've created a Minecraft mod called Heavy Anvils for minimod series I do with setosorcerer, and the mod broke glass when an anvil fell on it. This was used for a minigame which used this mechanic to add a fun twist to spleef, and now is coming in form of a bukkit plugin!


The game is arena based with a lobby where you can join a game. Once the game starts, anvils start falling and they'll not only damage players they hit, but also break the glass and create holes in the floor. Whoever happens to be the last person alive, wins!


  • Configuration of game mechanics
  • Lobby with interactive signs
  • Easy and quick arena setup and manipulation
  • Autostart after configurable amount of time + voting
  • Automatic arena regenation
  • Monetary rewards (using Vault)
  • Inventory will be saved and restored after a game


Once you start the server with the plugin for the first time, a configuration file is created. You can then modify it, and use /as reload to reload the file without having to restart the server.

  autostartTimer: 60 # how long before the game automatically starts
  votePercentage: 75 # percentage of votes needed to start the arena
  reward: 20 # amount of money players receive per win
  anvilDamage: true # enable player damage caused by falling anvils
  allowBlockBreaking: true # let players break blocks

Commands and permissions

Basic command is /anvilspleef, or /as.

User commands

/as join <id>Join an
/as leaveLeave current
/as voteVote to start the
/as startForce start the game.anvilspleef.start

Admin commands

/as setlobbySetup lobby spawn and sign wall.anvilspleef.admin
/as arenasManage arenas (shows a menu).anvilspleef.admin
/as reloadReloads the configuration file.anvilspleef.admin

Questions? Bugs? Feedback?

Currently, the plugin is under development, but if you have a question or suggestion, I'll appreciate it!
At this moment, I'm unable to tell when it's going to be finished and I don't want to do estimates, but it won't take extremely long. :)


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