Little Anti-Swearing Plugin

Update 3.4.2013: I will update this plugin soon

This plugin makes it so curse words are censored in chat. Simply type into the config file what words you don't want to be allowed.

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Config is very simple:

words: fuck;shit;asshole
kickoncensor: true
  kick: You are kicked for writing "%WORD"!
  warn: '%PLAYER writed "%MESSAGE"!'
  censored: Message censored!

Words must be in lower case and separated by semicolon. Kickoncensor indicates whether plugin kicks a bad player. Message "kick" is shown to the player whom is kicked for writing censored words. Message "warn" is shown to the console. Message "censored" is shown to the game, if "kickoncensor" is false.

There's only one command - "/anw". It shows a list of censored words to players. Players needs the permission "AS.Show" to use it. There are two new permissions in version 2.0:

AS.NoKick - If "kickoncensor" is true, the plugin doesn't kick the player with this permission

AS.NoCensor - Plugin doesn't censor any messages from the player with this permission.

If you are upgrading from version 0.6 to the next, you must delete the old config!

ToDo list

Permissions - ✔

Configurable messages - ✔

ENGLISH plugin description - HELP ME! :D

Česká verze

Tenhle plugin má i českou verzi :) Většinou vydávám českou verzi až po anglické.


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