This plugin is no longer maintained. Support is no longer provided and updates will not be issued. If you would like to take over the project, please contact me.

AntiShare Thanks to Team Haven ( for the logo!

What it does

The original idea came from here from the server It blocks certain actions if a player (by default) is in creative mode. AntiShare also supports many other features like regions, inventory switching, and more.

Features Supported

  • Multiple World Support - A configuration for each world
  • GameMode Regions - Want your PvP arena to be survival? Use GameMode Regions!
  • GameMode Inventories - An inventory for creative, one for survival, and even one for adventure
  • GameMode Blocks - Don't let survival players break blocks placed by creative players!
  • And much, much more - Take a look at the configuration! There are options for nearly every creative restriction option (including changing player levels and economy balances on Game Mode change)

For advanced help, please see this page.


Check out AntiShare's GitHub repository for the source!


Make a backup before you update!!


Think you have a bug? Report it here.


Bugs reported below WILL be ignored

Information regarding the next update

The next update of AntiShare will be a major change. Changes currently include the following. Check back often as this list will be adjusted:

  • Complete reworking of inner functionality. This will help with the insane amount of resources AntiShare uses
  • New permissions and commands.
  • New configuration (with auto-convert)
  • Smaller footprint on the hard drive (with auto-convert)
  • More compatibility with other plugins
  • Removal of fully integrated survival support. This means that although supported by the plugin, it is strongly recommended to use an alternate plugin to deal with protecting your servers from survival mode players. AntiShare is going to be designed with creative players being the bad guys and only prevent survival players from using creative stuff.
  • Removal of fully independent regions. As this can be done with WorldGuard, AntiShare will no longer support it
  • Continued limited support of World Splits
  • Addition of a grouping system to assist with servers that may have donor ranks
  • Modified support of inventories. This has yet to be fully designed, but the inventory system within AntiShare is going to be adjusted to permit more configuration as well as compatibility.
  • Added support for potential future platforms. (note: this description is about to get nerdy) AntiShare is going to be following a common API abstraction to allow for more platforms to be supported by the same file. Although there are no active plans to support anything more than Bukkit, the potential for more platforms is being considered while rewriting the plugin. Although this system will increase the file size of the plugin, I do not foresee it affecting performance in a negative way.
  • Complete rewrite of AntiShare. Yup, that's right. I'm going to be re-writing the plugin from scratch to clean up the code and give me more control over it. It's been quite a while since I've last updated the code, and it's becoming hard to fix issues with, both are sure signs that a rewrite is needed.

I would like to thank the current, and future, users of AntiShare - I hope it is serving you well. I hope you all understand the need for the rewrite and will continue to use AntiShare on your server(s).

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, please contact me through any of the various way presented.



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