3.2.X Help

AntiShare Help for Version 3.2.X


The commands are as follows.

  • /as reload - Reloads AntiShare
  • /as mirror <player> - Mirrors <player>'s inventory for live editing and viewing (in-game only)
  • /as region <gamemode> <name> - Creates a new Game Mode region with the specified Game Mode and name (in-game only)
  • /as rmregion <name> - Removes a region of a given name
  • /as rmregion - Removes the region you are standing in (in-game only)
  • /as editregion help - Shows help on editing regions (in-game only)
  • /as editregion <name> <key> <value> - Edits a Game Mode region. Use /as editregion help for more info. (in-game only)
  • /as convert <sql/file> <sql/file> - Converts your storage system and automatically updates settings. This will overwrite any data in the destination. The destination and the original source cannot be the same (so you can't type /as convert sql sql).
  • /as tool - Gives you the AntiShare tool. This is used to determine what blocks are creative/survival/natural. Once you have the tool (and correct permissions) simply right click a block to get information on it while the tool is in hand.
  • /as help - Brings up a similar help file as the above list.

The next commands require enabling to work

  • /gm - Changes your Game Mode (in-game only)
  • /gm <player> - Changes another player's Game Mode


A note for permissions: It is strongly recommended you use Vault with this plugin as the defaults for permissions are OP/Non-OP.

"Event" permissions

These are permissions for allowing people to bypass the block lists, such as the list to stop people from breaking specific blocks. All of these permissions are given to OPs by default.

  • AntiShare.allow.* - Allows everything
  • AntiShare.allow.block_place - Allows block placing
  • AntiShare.allow.block_break - Allows block breaking
  • AntiShare.allow.right_click - Allows right clicking of blocks/objects
  • AntiShare.allow.use_item - Allows the use of items
  • AntiShare.allow.commands - Allows the use of commands
  • AntiShare.allow.pickup_item - Allows picking up of items from the ground
  • AntiShare.allow.drop_item - Allows the dropping of items
  • AntiShare.allow.hit_players - Allows combat with players
  • AntiShare.allow.hit_mobs - Allows combat with mobs (cows, creepers, etc)
Region Permissions

These permissions handle what people can and cannot do with regions. These permissions are default OP only.

  • AntiShare.regions.* - Allows all region actions
  • AntiShare.regions.create - Allows creation of regions
  • AntiShare.regions.edit - Allows editing of regions
  • AntiShare.regions.delete - Allows the player to delete regions
  • AntiShare.regions.list - Allows the player to list regions using /as listregions
  • AntiShare.regions.roam - Allows free roaming between regions. This means the player will not be forced into a Game Mode and will not have their inventory changed on them.
  • AntiShare.regions.throw_item - Allows the player to throw items from region to region, region to wild, and wild to region without being blocked.
  • AntiShare.regions.pickup_item - Same as above, except for pickup.
  • AntiShare.regions.place - Allows the player to place blocks in regions other than their current (over borders)
  • AntiShare.regions.break - Allows the player to break blocks in regions other than their current (over borders)
Inventory Permissions

These permissions are for controlling inventory actions on players.

  • AntiShare.inventories.* - Allows all of the below inventory permissions
  • AntiShare.inventories.no_swap - This player will not be forced into a per-Game Mode inventory.
Tool Permissions

These are permissions for the AntiShare tool. These permissions are default OP only.

  • AntiShare.tool.* - Allows all tool actions
  • AntiShare.tool.get - Allows use of the /as tool command
  • AntiShare.tool.use - Allows the player to get information on blocks using the tool
Game Mode Permissions

These permissions control the (optional) Game Mode command. These permissions are default OP only.

  • AntiShare.gamemode - Allows the player to change their own Game Mode
  • AntiShare.gamemode.others - Allows the player to change other people's Game Mode. If given this permission the player is also allowed to change their own Game Mode.

Game Mode permissions have since been removed along with the Game Mode command

World Split Permissions

These permissions control the world split actions

  • AntiShare.worldsplit.* - The player is not affected by either side of a World Split
  • AntiShare.worldsplit.creative - The player is not affected by the creative side of a World Split
  • AntiShare.worldsplit.survival - The player is not affected by the survival side of a World Split
Admin/General Permissions

These permissions are either designed for admins-only or do not fit a specific category. All permissions here are given to OPs by default unless stated otherwise.

  • AntiShare.* - Gives permission for everything (allows all actions, all regions, all inventory, all tools, all Game Mode, all World Split, ensures they are never affected by actions, and everything below)
  • AntiShare.reload - Allows the player to reload AntiShare
  • AntiShare.convert - Allows the player to convert AntiShare's storage between SQL and YAML
  • AntiShare.getDrops - Despite configuration settings, this player will ALWAYS get drops from a block.
  • AntiShare.mirror - Allows access to the /as mirror command
  • AntiShare.getNotifications - This player will be informed of things going on in the server
  • AntiShare.silent - This player will not trigger notifications themselves.
  • AntiShare.free_place - Allows the player to place blocks without them ending up in the block tracking system. This permissions also allows the player to break any block, whether it be creative, survival or natural.
"Affect" Permissions

These permissions decide who to affect depending on their Game Mode. It is worth noting that you must EXPLICITLY say to not affect people in creative mode if you don't want them to be affected.

  • AntiShare.affect.* - The player is always subject to AntiShare's wrath
  • AntiShare.affect.creative - (Default: true) The player is only subject when they are in creative mode
  • AntiShare.affect.survival - (Default: false) The player is only subject when they are in survival mode
  • AntiShare.affect.adventure - (Default: false) The player is only subject when they are in adventure mode

AntiShare Regions

Regions can be read about from this Google Document.

AntiShare World Split

World Splits can be read about from this Google Document.

AntiShare Notifications

Notifications by default will warn you when someone tries to do a blocked action such as breaking blocks. You can configure it to alert you when anything happens (legal and illegal), but doing so may cause spam.

If you open your default notifications.yml you will see many options. Let's go through them

  • send-notifications - This allows you to turn on/off all notifications at will
  • send-to-players - This allows you to tell AntiShare whether or not you want it to send notifications to the players with correct permissions
  • send-to-console - This allows you to tell AntiShare whether or not to send notifications to the console
  • send-illegal-notifications - This allows you to tell AntiShare whether or not to send notifications when someone does something that was blocked
  • send-legal-notifications - Opposite of above
  • send-general-notifications - Tells AntiShare whether or not to send notifications when someone changes Game Mode or worlds

AntiShare Configuration

The configuration for AntiShare is very extensive. Within it you can control exactly how AntiShare works and what you want it to look for. Although the configuration looks hard, it is actually quite simple. If you are unsure about what something does, let me know! I'd be glad to help.

The first section is "blocked-actions". This is where you can quickly toggle on/off the block lists (the things that tell AntiShare what to block) with ease.

Next we have "handled-actions" and "enabled-features". Both of these sections allow you to control secondary portions of AntiShare.

"Settings" is the section you would go to for setting up SQL or controlling miscellaneous features of AntiShare. These options are not terribly important (besides SQL if you decide to use it).

"blocked-lists" is where the magic happens. These options allow you to manage exactly what AntiShare restricts. You can use item names if you happen to know the Bukkit way to spell them (usually "diamond block", "chest", etc), or you can use item IDs. You can also use custom item names, I cover this later.

See the world split feature header on this page for information about the "world-split" configuration section.

"block-tracking" allows you to define what blocks you want tracked by AntiShare.

"other" is the section where just about useless options go.

Messages Configuration

The messages.yml file allows you to define what messages you want shown to players after given actions. Some messages support variables (like world names), if they do, they are listed in the header of the file.

Custom Item Names

items.yml is where we are looking for this. All information you should need is in the header.

Per - World Configuration

AntiShare supports per-world configurations!! The files are automatically generated for each world and contain a skimmed down version of the config.yml. If you want to use the config.yml value for a field, simply put "global" in the spot.

Per - Region Configuration

In the later versions of AntiShare, per-region configurations allow you to define more fine tuned handling of what your players can do. This is very similar to the per-world configuration, but some values have been removed.

Random Stuff

If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask. I would like to ensure that your server is working perfectly with AntiShare and that you are happy with your AntiShare setup. If you think the plugin (or this help file) is missing anything, please let me know!