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antiRedstoneClock is a plugin to disallow redstoneclock in your minecraft server.
This is my first public plugin , i need you suggestion to improved her.
If you need the support for an older version please tell me you version of spigot, WorldEdit and WorldGuard


  • Check the redstone to disable redstoneClock
  • You can configurate the texte of the sign
  • allow and disallow the notification to admin
  • Custom Message
  • MultiWorld Support
  • WorldGuard Support
  • Select if clock drop the redstone item or not
  • support redstone, comparator, observer and repeater clock

-WorldGuard (optionnal) - per zone support
-PlotSquared (optionnal) - per plot support



  • /arc reload - to reload the config file
  • /arc checkList <page> - display the active redstoneclock
  • /arc setMaxPulses<value> - change the "MaxPulses" setting
  • /arc setDelay <value> - change the "Delay" setting
  • /arc notifyAdmin <boolean> - change the "notifyAdmin" setting

To disable the plugin in a plot or a WorldGuard region use:
PlotSquard: /plot flag set anti-redstone-clock false
WorldGuard: /rg flag <region> anti-redstone-clock deny



  • antiRedstoneClock.Admin -> allow the acces of all commands
  • antiRedstoneClock.notifyAdmin -> permission to received the antiRedstoneClock warning





CheckList legend :
small clock
Limit clock


Example of config:

#En:Don't touch this value
#Fr: Ne pas modifier cette valeur
version: 0.5
#En:Maximal number Redstone blink authorized during the "Delay" period
#Fr:Nombre maximal de clignotement de redstone autorise pendant la periode "Delay"
MaxPulses: 150
#En: Time (in second) before the reset of the variable "MaxImpulsion"
#Fr:Temp (en secondes) avant de reset la premiere variable
Delay: 300
#En:You need it prevent an admin?
#Fr:Faut t'il prevenir un admin?
NotifyAdmins: true
#En:Is it necessary to dropper items ( Redstone / repeater) when a loop is destroyed?
#Fr:Faut-il dropper les items (Redstone/repeater) quand une boucle est détruite?
DropItems: true
#En:Write the text you want in the sign
#Fr:Ecrire le texte a mettre sur les panneaux
  Line1: 'The RedstonClock'
  Line2: 'Are'
  Line3: '&4prohibited'
  Line4: ''

#En:The list of worlds on which the plugin is disabled separate by "/", put a fake name if nothing
#Fr: La list des mondes sur lequel le plugin est desactive separe par des "/", mettre un faut non si aucun
IgnoreWorlds: redstoneWorld/survie

#En:The list of Region on which the plugin is disabled separate by "/", put a fake name if nothing
#Fr: La list des Regions sur lequel le plugin est desactive separe par des "/", mettre un faut non si aucun
IgnoreRegion: redstone/admins

  comparator: true
  observer: true
  piston: true
  redstoneAndRepeater: true

    prefix: '&bAntiRedstoneClock &9&l> &r&b '
    error: '&4AntiRedstoneClock &l> &r&c '
    no_permission: '&4ERROR &9&l> &r&bYou don''t have permission to do that!'
    command_use: '&4SnowBallWar &l> &r&cCommand usage: &6/arc $command'
    MsgToAdmin: 'Redstone clock disable in x:$X y:$Y Z:$Z. In the world $World'
    unknownCmd: 'Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.'
    reloadSuccess: 'Reload Success!'
    newValueInConfig: 'The new value of $setting is $value'
    RedStoneClockListHeader: 'RedstoneClockList: $page'
    RedStoneClockListFooter: ''
    duplicate_object: 'This list already contains this redstone'

Add Observer and Comparator support for Spigot 1.12.2
Or use the 1.12.2 version of paper available her (build 1593 or newer) :


Futur update:

  • I need your suggestion

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