Don't like the noobs on your server that don't understand how to behave?
Well then this is the solution! AntiP12a tests if the player can read simple messages and type commands in chat.
When they first join, a message will show up "To see that you're not a noob we want you to type this command /Verify <random string of numbers + text>" .
The random number in the message is written in letters to make it harder to just copy-paste the command.

The players can't chat, break/place or type any other command then /verify if they haven't verified.

This plugin uses an update checker. You can disable this by changing 'Update:' from 'Auto' to 'Off'.
We do recommend people to leave this on 'Auto' since this will help them have an updated and bug-free experience with Antip12a.


  • download the .jar file
  • locate your plugins folder and drag the .jar file into it
  • restart your server
  • Stop some noobs!


IRC - Live chat ( #carlgo11support)
Latest development build
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
(thanks to tryy3 for letting us use his ci!)


/verify <number>Verify that you're not a noob
/AntiP12aThe plugins main command


Antip12a.*Gives you all the permissions listed below
Antip12a.ignoreplayerThe player don't need to verify
Antip12a.CMD.antip12aPermission to use /AntiP12a
Antip12a.CMD.antip12a.reloadPermission to reload the plugin via /AntiP12a reload
Antip12a.CMD.antip12a.verifyPermission to manually verify another player via /AntiP12a verify
Antip12a.CMD.antip12a.checkPermission to check if a player is verified via /AntiP12a check


The src code is on github.
We also need more devs working on the plugin so if you're interested just pm me!

Need help?

create a ticket or contact us on our IRC!


  • Make a separate file with all the players in it.
  • permission that will ignore the player
  • Kick timer
  • Language file
  • Disable commands when not verified
  • Prevent player movement when not verified


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