This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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The Pest Controlling Plugin

The essential pest control plugin and general creature manager. With per world setting, control over which blocks creatures are allowed to spawn on, what types of spawns are to be stopped and which creatures are to be stopped from spawning (along with so much more (see below)) this plugin is perfect for those big servers where the aesthetics of the world are ruined by the huge quantity of torches required to keep the creeper from spoiling the beauty of your world.


  • Ultimate Creature Control
  • Per world settings
  • Control what blocks mobs can't spawn on
  • Control which mobs can spawn
  • Control how mobs can spawn
  • Configurable spawn height limit
  • Configurable spawn time period
  • Safe zones where mobs can't spawn
  • Unsafe zones where mobs can spawn
  • Tab complete support for commands
  • Dynamically generated configuration file
  • Permissions for all the commands


Simply drop the downloaded jar file into your plugins folder (or equivalent). To prevent an error, create an file in the same folder as your server jar. When the server is first run with the plugin installed, the config.yml file and the plugin database will be installed in the plugin folder. For details on the configuration file, click here


There is many commands for configuring this plugin, most of them related to the zones. Please see here for details


There are permissions for each command used by this plugin. Please see here for details


  • Firewall like spawn rules (E.g Block spawner spawns of Creepers on all blocks on world1)

Change Log

Version 5.0
  • Updated to MC 1.7.X
Version 4.01
  • Updated to MC 1.5.2 (Bukkit Beta)
Version 4.0
  • Updated to MC 1.4.7
  • Added zone support
  • Added height limit support
  • Added time limit suppprt
  • Added support for all new creatures (as of MC 1.4.7), including Zombie Villagers
  • Added support for all new spawn reasons (as of MC 1.4.7)
Version 3.0
  • Switched to using config.yml
  • Types of spawns affected
  • Command to reload config.yml
Version 2.0
  • The properties file has been completely changed. Options are clearly labelled and the formatting will work with Notepad
  • MultiWorld support!
  • Ability to choose which creatures are affected
Version 1.1
  • Added support for multiple blocks to be selected in the properties file (by default, 0 and 18 are in the file, but for some reason, notepad does not add the line separator, so when editing the file, please use a different text editor as notepad displays it all as one big line of numbers, that if replicated, won't work)(if this is confusing, please ask and I will try to explain it better )
Version 1.0
  • Released AntiMobSpawn plugin



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