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AntiLagg is a plugin that will boost your servers performance. It will drastically decrease your RAM usage by doing regular checks and removing the suitable entities/other things. This will decrease your RAM usage, because with minecraft entities, items, chunks and things like that are what cause the server to lag. Therefore by filtering, all of these things and or removing them, the server has less to 'think about', and thus your servers performance will be increased. This is what this plugin does, it unloads chunks, removes entities, removes items, merges items in a certain radius to prevent further lag and also allows you to set limits on a certain thing that I have just enlisted. The plugin just generally aids you and your players in a more enjoyable atmosphere as the lag is prevented.

This plugin is extremely configurable and will ensure you have the most control over it. It will also ensure that your players maximize their enjoyment within your server.

This plugin does not have an auto updater, because I think it would be mildly ironic that a plugin is designed to eliminate lagg also creates it; thus you will have to check this page whenever you feel a new version may appear. Another thing, unlike other plugins, I do not collect any data what so ever about you.


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Configurable
  • Many Features
  • Entity/Chunk Limiter
  • Item Combiner
  • Decreases RAM usage
  • GUI command system
  • Easy to use

Got a suggestion?

If you have absolutely any speculations on an idea that could be implemented into this lightweight plugin, feel obliged to message one of the plugin developers with the specified idea and with justification as to why it should be added.


I would just like to mention before you read this, you do not have to configure this plugin when you initially install it, you can just run it and you should notice some dramatic server performance (dependent on your current server state). If you do not notice any difference, I would recommend configuring the plugin to your liking. If this does not help, and you have discovered the cause of the server performance being somewhat lacking, please message any developer about it and we will try to fix this. Now for the installation steps.

  • Download the latest version from here.
  • Place plugin jar into your plugin directory within your server
  • Restart your server

Learn by Example

Portuguese: here


LAGG.*Gives you permission to use every AntiLagg feature.
LAGG.COMMANDGives you permission to use the /Lagg command.


This is a list of tasks that I have planned for the newer releases to improve your server performance.

1Item clearer ID filter

Learn More

  • This plugin was developed by Twyzl
  • Find any bugs? Message them to any of the project developers
  • Within this plugin, I only use one repeating task with numerous buffer variables to handle the operations, this ensures that the plugin is optimized

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